Is it bad to charge the iPhone battery case and the iPhone at the same time?

The charging technique for battery cases

Battery cases were first introduced in 2007, and since then, they have been in extensive use by many people, especially iPhone users. The reason why iPhone users use battery cases more than any other phone users is that the iPhone’s battery life is too bad, and its charging time is too high. Battery cases are now available under many brand names including Joyroom and Goldfox so on. Battery cases are bought to charge your phones, but they themselves need to be charged too and they can be charged using multiple techniques.

Things to keep in mind when charging

  • First of all, a battery case can be charged separately from the iPhone using different chargers at one time.
  • Secondly, you can charge the battery case separately from your iPhone using the same charger at different times.
  • Finally, you can charge your battery case and your iPhone together at the same time while the iPhone battery case is connected to the iPhone.

Additional features

Battery cases are designed in such a way that there is lightning charging at the bottom of the case which goes into the iPhone’s lightning charging port when you attach the case to the iPhone. Adding to this, there is a charging port below the battery case which is either a lightning port or a mini USB port. You can charge your iPhone and the battery case together while the case is connected to the iPhone; this way the charger will charge the battery case which will then charge your iPhone. If you use this method, your iPhone will charge first and only after it is fully charged, will the battery case start charging.

Although the manufacturers of battery cases claim that you can charge the iPhone and the battery case together without any potential risks, but this is not entirely true. Charging the battery case while it is intact with the iPhone can be very inefficient and dangerous. The first disadvantage of using this technique to charge your battery cases is that the charging time will increase potentially because when your charger will charge your battery case, and the battery case will charge your iPhone, much electricity and time will be wasted in between. This may also lead your battery case to stop charging entirely if it is not receiving enough power.

Recommendations for ensuring a long life for the battery case and phone

It is always recommended to remove any case from your iPhone while you are charging the iPhone because when a phone is being charged, the battery inside it gets heated which heats up the phone too. Now, if that heat does not get a way to escape, it can be deadly, because it can cause an explosion or a fire. So, when you are charging your battery case and the iPhone together, it means there are two batteries together, and double the heat that gets trapped inside and is not able to escape.

Almost all mobile phones these days have a chip installed in them which stops the mobile phone from consuming any more power when it is fully charged. This is the reason why we can keep the battery case intact from the iPhone all the time in the first place because a battery case keeps sending the power to the phone’s battery until it is turned off. Now, if this chip stops functioning correctly, your phone would not stop consuming power when it is fully charged, and your phone’s battery might explode or start a fire or swell up due to being overcharged.

Batteries in mobile phones and battery cases are hazardous if not properly taken care of and charging your battery case and iPhone together is a potential risk. So, it is always recommended to remove your battery case from the iPhone when you are charging either of them and always charge both the things separately.

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