How to fix IPhone 8 charging port problems?

iPhone 8 charging port is the most delicate and significant part of the phone’s hardware. It is a medium not only used for charging, but also for data transfer, syncing with iTunes for restoring data and backup and for listening music as the latest iPhones do not contain a separate 3.5mm headphone jack to plug in headphones.

With the innovative wireless technology introduced with the iOS 11 update people often wonder that does iphone 8 have a charging port? There are reasons why Apple resorts to include the charging port despite revolutionizing wireless charging mechanism through software updates and accessories.

  • The USB-C charging port+ lightning cable offers rapid charging to the battery thus saving you time.
  • Wireless charging is not only but also inconvenient when you are on the go. Mostly, people don’t tend to carry charging mats or pads with them everywhere..
  • Moreover with no charging ports people will be unable to perform other important functions such as restoring data, transferring data to PCs or listen to music via headphones.
  • With the onset of IPhone7 and 7plus, the headphones port had already been removed. Now omitting the charging port from latest models would be outrageous as not only will it be difficult for users to use rest of the features such as data transfer, listening to music or connecting to iTunes but also 3rd party companies would also suffer who design and produce relevant accessories.

A lot of effort has been put by Apple in installing a pack of two cell battery in iPhone 8. The batteries are designed using TI’s power management and Cypress Power delivery chip solution to enhance the charging process. However, the metallic port is highly delicate and slight carelessness can damage it.


However, there could be a time when the charging port of iPhone 8 can cease to perform its function. At such instances, you need to troubleshoot the problem immediately as further negligence can cause you a heavy loss. Problem can be due to clogging or corrosion in the metal lining or accumulation of moisture. Before giving your iPhone to Apple technician, you can opt for DIY solutions to repair or fix it. Trust me they work most of the time:

    • Cleaning the port with Toothbrush and water: Dipping toothbrush in to water and give it some free strokes directed towards the port for the removal of dirt. You can also gently scrub it in your lighting port to see dust flying off.
    • Clean with alcohol: take a Q-tip and dip it in alcohol to clean the inside of the lighting port.
    • In case of moisture: gently shake the device and blow in to the charging port to remove moisture or water. You can also use a vacuum to suck out water but make sure that it does not damage the tiny pins in the lighting port. Or you can also put it in the zip lock bag with a handful of rice which will absorb access moisture.
    • In case of corrosion in the metal lining of charging port: plug and unplug the lighting cable for 7 to 8 times to remove corrosion from the port. Else, you can also clean it with an electrical contact cleaner.



Certain tips to prevent damaging the Charging port:

  • Use an original charger: chargers are designed to meet the voltage of each specific device; so it is better to use an Apple certified charger instead of foreign ones. This will also help you in avoiding face battery issues or charging port problems in future.
  • Use a wall outlet: It is a faster and safer option than USB ports or the car charger as the foreign objects do not provide enough power supply to properly charge the device. So, if your phone beeps a low charge better connect it to wall adapter for sufficient power supply.
  • Wireless option is still open: if charging through the lighting port is curtailed then you can resort to wireless charging as an alternative. The Apple accessories are expensive to buy but any third party wireless charger will also suffice.


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