How to fix when your iphone 7 won’t charge when plugged in?

If your iPhone 7 won’t charge when plugged-in then you need to take it seriously. There could be number of reasons to this issue. From damaged charger, marred cable to corrupted software to dirty port; all can play a major role in halting down the charging process.

Your phone might be plugged in giving an illusion of charging but the blank screen signals that your software might have crashed. Remember that when you connect your phone to charging it’s the software that begins to charge once it detects the charging connection. Let’s tackle each cause separately and find out a practical answer to your iPhone 7 charging issue.


  • Check the lighting cable:


Detective lighting cables can be one of the main reasons for the Iphone7 and 7x charging issues. And to overcome the problem, you need to check your cable:

  • With a flashlight you can detect torn cables especially the one that connects with the lighting port.
  • You can also check whether you lightening cable is working by inserting one end to your laptop’s USB cable and other to the adaptor that came with the Iphone7. If the laptop charges then there isn’t any fault in the lighting cable.
  • Charge your phone with someone else’s lighting cable; if your phone charges then your cable is not working properly.

In such a situation, check your warranty card and visit iPhone repair store for free consultation. Even in case of expired warranty card, do not purchase non- Apple certified cable to save few bucks rather get yourself an MFi-certified lighting cable that comes with 1 year warranty.


  • Check your IPhone charger:


The best way to detect whether your iPhone 7 charger is the reason to cause charging issues in your phone. You can use your car charger and plug-in the lightning cable or get yourself a wireless charger. There are numerous options available online but to make a safe bet on a discounted rate, visit Gizmoist online store.


  • Get the port Checked:


Yet, another reason to your iPhone 7 Plus not charging is a dirty port. This could create issues in properly plugging-in the lighting cable into the port. So, the simple solution is to place the iPhone 7 down on a clean surface, power it off and gently remove the dust with a toothpick. You will be surprised to see how much of the lint was stuck in. Alternatives to toothpicks can be a simple bobby pin, needle or your sim card tool but be very gentle when doing so as it can damage the port, otherwise.


  • Check your software:


If everything fails in finding out why a phone like iPhone 7 is not charging, then you need to check its software. You can do so at home by following this one-step process:

  • Hard-reset your software:

It’s just like plugging out the cord of your desktop computer to switch it off directly.  On your iPhone, quickly press the volume up and down button along with the side one for some seconds and release it when the Apple logo appears on screen. But only take this step, if it is highly necessary as it can corrupt your software too if your phone is in the middle of saving some file or data.


Did your phone come in contact with water?


One of the most common reason of why iPhone 7 won’t charge is that it might have come in contact with water. Despite being water and dust resistant, the battery and electrical components of the phone can easily be damaged if exposed to water. If that is the case, then you should dry up your phone immediately.

  • Place it in such a manner on a cloth piece that the port faces the surface of the cloth and the water is fully drained from the device.
  • You can even put your phone in front of the fan as it may accelerate the drying process.

No matter, which technique you use to dry up your phone but give it 72 hours to completely drain off the water and save your phone from further damage.

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