Does an iPhone 7 smart battery case affect, or damage, a phone’s battery health?

A battery case is just like a standard protective case which also provides your phone with the charge when it needs it besides protecting it. iPhone users most widely use battery cases because iPhone’s battery life is too short on a single charge (because of small battery sizes) and the charging time is too long.

Battery cases are much better alternatives for power banks because using and carrying power banks is a tedious job due to their sizes, weights and the wires attached to them for usage. Previously, Apple did not produce battery cases itself, although it did certify third-party battery cases as Made For iPhone (MFi) products.

However, upon seeing the success of battery cases for iPhones, Apple did not want to lag behind, so they started manufacturing their battery cases under the name of Apple’s smart battery cases. Now, what makes their battery cases quick is their compatibility with the iOS.

The iPhone can detect the charging in the battery case and views it on the home screen of the iPhone instead of the LED indicators on the battery case itself (like other battery cases that are not iOS compatible). Not only this, but you can also connect your iPhone to iTunes and sync it even when the smart case is intact.

Reasons why your iPhone 7 intelligent battery case may not be working!

You may not be following the proper installation steps, they are given as follows:

There are several concerns over whether the iPhone 7 smart battery case damages the iPhone’s battery or not and why is the iPhone 7 intelligent battery case not working? Now, the damaged part depends on certain conditions. Your iPhone 7 smart battery case can harm your iPhone battery health if not used carefully.

First of all, charging your intelligent battery case and the iPhone together can be detrimental even more than you can imagine, also though Apple claims that you can charge both the things together without any potential risk. If you charge your battery case and the iPhone together, the charger will first charge the battery case which will further charge the iPhone leading to much wastage of power and time in between. Moreover, your iPhone might also receive interrupted power when the electricity is coming through the battery case. The interrupted and lousy quality power can cause long-term damage to your iPhone’s battery health.

Secondly, when you are charging a phone, its battery gets heated up; therefore, it is often recommended to remove any mobile case while the mobile is charging. Now, if you charge your battery case and the iPhone together, these are two batteries charging along and heating up together without enough space for the heat to escape. If the heat is not able to escape, there is a high potential risk of explosion, fire or long-term damage to the batteries’ health.

Moreover, although your iPhones have a chip installed in them which stops it from overcharging when the iPhone is fully charged and does not need any more charge, there are cases when this chip malfunctions and does not stop the iPhone from overcharging. If this is the case and you keep your battery case attached to the iPhone all the time, your iPhone might get overcharged, and due to overcharging, a fire, explosion or long-term damage to the battery might occur.

Other issues in smart battery case!

The smart battery case might also face charging problems due to several reasons such as dirt and debris in the port of the battery case or the iPhone, faulty charging equipment and so on.

Although the smart battery case can cause damage to the iPhone’s battery health, but not if it is used with proper care. Always buy a smart battery case of the most trusted and of the best quality, so it is the best choice for users mainly because it is made by the same manufacturer which also manufactured their phone.

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