How long does it takes to fully charge IPhone7 and IPhone7plus?

Have you ever thought, how long does it take to charge iPhone 7 using its regular charger? According to the Apple Company claim, it takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge IPhone 7 to 100% from the scratch. For IPhone 7plus, it takes around 3.6hours to charge fully. However, it is advisable to the users not to completely drain the battery and then put the device to charging. Mainly because most batteries contain lithium which may end up internally damaging them when the phone is put to charge at 0%.

Moreover the battery life of the IPhone7 and IPhone 7plus depends heavily upon the screen size of the phones. While, their big screen sizes and brighter screens have their own perks and give them a competitive edge over their predecessor IPhone6s and competitor such as Samsung Galaxy 7edge, but it also results to a shorter life span of battery. Therefore, the 2 hours of charging time of IPhone 7 is way higher than its predecessor and competitor.

Charging time of IPhone 7 for the first time:

There is no specific guidelines that you have to charge your phone for at least 12 hours when you are using it for the first time. It is because the new lithium ions in the battery of IPhone 7 are more efficient than the old lithium in the batteries. The in-built features cease to charge the battery once the phone is charged 100%. Therefore, there is no point in keeping the iPhone 7 & 7 plus plugged-in to the charger for a longer period of time.

Users also claim that once their IPhones are charged for more than 70%, the chargers can be unplugged as it is sufficient to last for almost the whole day. Furthermore, the lithium in the battery keep the phone fully charged so you can immediately use it after unpacking it from the box. You need not to charge it first and then use it.

Some tips for you to consider:

If you want to fully charge your phone much quicker, then you can go through our guidelines to find out ways to reduce iPhone 7 and 7 plus charging time:

  • If you keep your phone on an airplane mode or switch it off when put to charge, your phone will charge faster. It is because there are no software updates or downloading of applications occurring on the background which affects the charging time. If Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off than it roughly takes 1hr and 45mins to charge from 20-100%. This can be called efficient charging.
  • Avoid using the phone while it is put to charge especially if you are playing a game or using Facebook. Operating Facebook while charging phone causes increased usage of battery power. This not only increases the charging time span but also damages the battery internally.
  • Use a charger which is capable of supplying sufficient power to the battery of IPhone 7 and 7 plus. Normally, iPhone chargers packed along iPhone 7 & 7 plus have fixed voltage of 5W which is not sufficient to charge them as you can see they take more than 1.5 hours to charge the phones fully. As suggested by AnandTech, these phones should come with a higher voltage AC adapter to decrease the charging time.
  • Use an IPad charger: Experience accounts for major deductions. Users have experienced that if they use an iPad charger to charge iPhone 7 or 7 plus, the charging time is reduced to round one hour and slightly above.
  • Keep your phone in a cool place and avoid it to heat up while charging – that is the rule of thumb. With the phone plugged-in for hours after being fully charge can hamper phone’s battery. These batteries have an amazing back up and your carelessness can damage their life span.
  • Use a power bank: they can become fast chargers and it is found that they can charge your iPhone 7 in less than 60 minutes than the original Apple charger and cable! You can purchase a power bank of 5200mAh which has an actual output of 5V.


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