What to do when iphone 7 battery case is not charging?

The usage of battery cases has been increasing recently, especially amongst iPhone users. iPhone users use the battery cases the most because the iPhone’s battery life is not so good, and it drains out too quickly. The battery case is a far better alternative than power banks or extra battery. The reason being that power banks are much heavier take much more space than battery cases, and they require the use and carrying of wires too. The choice of carrying an extra battery is canceled right away because most of the phones these days including iPhones have non-removable batteries.

Smart Battery Case

Apple’s smart battery case, with 2635 mAh capacity, is the best battery case for the iPhone 7. It is the best battery case for iPhone 7 because Apple itself makes it. This battery case is priced at $99. There are other battery cases too for iPhone 7 available in the market, ranging from $20 to $100.

iPhone users buy battery cases so that they get around the problem of short battery life and long charging time, so if their battery cases start having the same issues, it would not be less than a nightmare for them. However, people have faced the issue of their iPhone 7 battery case not charging. Although this is a problem, there is not much to worry about as everything has a fix, and this too does. Here we will be discussing a few reasons why some people might be facing the problem of iPhone 7 battery case not charging and the solutions to those problems.

1.    Charging equipment

Make sure you are using Apple’s original charging equipment or certified made for iPhone (MFi) equipment to charge your smart battery case as it is caused by Apple and might not charge appropriately via other chargers (iPhone might give an error saying ‘unrecognized charger’ if you are using other equipment). Moreover, make sure your charging equipment is not damaged in any way. If the charging equipment comes into contact with any liquid, it might get damaged and stop working appropriately. On the other hand, if the charging equipment gets a voltage higher than it can bear, it might burn and stop functioning properly. The charging equipment will also get damaged if it falls from somewhere or is exposed to high pressure.

2.    Cleaning the port

Dust and debris that accumulates in the battery case’s charging port can prevent the charger and the battery case from establishing a proper connection which can stop the battery case from charging at all. Cleaning the port with the help of a toothpick, pin or any other thin object can help wonders, and using a bit of alcohol can be of added advantage as it is a good cleaning agent and evaporates quickly.


3.    Method of charging

There are two usual ways of charging the battery case. First, you can charge the iPhone and the battery case together while the case is still intact with the iPhone. Second, you can charge the iPhone and the battery case separately. The first method is much less efficient than the second one. The reason is that when you charge the iPhone and the battery case together, the charger first charges the battery case and then the battery case charges the iPhone, wasting much time and energy in between. This might stop the battery case from charging at all. So, it is always recommended to charge your battery case and iPhone separately.

4.    Warranty

This is not a problem, but a solution to almost all issues with your battery case. If your battery case is not charging, and there is a fault with your battery case itself, you might want to be reminded that it is still under warranty. Most battery cases come with one year’s warranty if not more, so you can use it whenever something goes wrong with your battery case.

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