How to clean iphone 6s charging port?

Iphone 6s Charging Port

Charging port is the opening toward the end of your iPhone where you embed the charger. This port can encounter a few issues, and that is the reason it won’t be wrong to state that most, charging port are the guilty party behind charging problems.

After the arrival of iPhone 5, Apple gadgets changed their charging port to be better than ever with a lightning link for quick charging. They are known as a lightning port and lightning cable. One issue with these charging port is that if it is not handled correctly, it is likely to get damaged or broken easily.

iPhone 6 charging port can encounter charging issues because of the blockage of anything in charging port is preventing the connection between charger and battery; or damaged charging port, charging port in contact with water or if the pins get broken, or bend can also be the reason for billing issues.

Before you spend a lot of money and time over hardware and software issue to prevent any charging issues, try merely cleaning the lint and the debris out of the port. Therefore, this dirt can be easily washed using home remedies, and in some rare cases, we will need to visit Apple stores to get the dust cleaned. Hence, the problem can be solved without much of a hustle.

How To Clean Iphone 6s Charging Port

To clean the dirt and debris from the port, the first thing to be done is to collect a few items- toothpick, cotton, flashlight, a new toothbrush and some patience.

  1. You will need a good flashlight to look into the tiny port and see the dirt, as the port is little hence, it gets difficult to see with a weak or small flashlight.
  2. Then comes the toothpick, which will be the main cleaning tool in this process. People, at times, prefer to use sharp tools like a paper clip, staple pin, bobby pin, etc. but this can be very hazardous, as it is an electric conductor, and next to the sharp instruments can be dangerous for your phone.

At times, it is better to put some cotton at the end so that the port can be cleaned in a better way and to keep your phone safe from any harm. But, at times you might need too much scarping of the dirt hence, using too much cotton would not be a good idea to make sure to use a little amount of cotton, just enough for cleaning.

Now we will come to patience if you are lucky you will be done within few swipes, but at times you will need a lot of patience to clean the port several times to get rid of the debris entirely. Because at times, the trash gets sticky and hence, it gets difficult to remove it, and it is even more difficult because of the tiny space. Now we will look at the steps needed to clean iPhone 6 using toothpick:

  1.    Before starting the cleaning procedure, you should turn off your iPhone 6.
  2.    If you are using cotton, so begin twisting the toothpick on the cotton and keep on twisting until it wraps some of the cotton on it.
  3.     Hold your phone upside down to face the bottom of the phone and then insert the toothpick inside the lightning port of iPhone 6.
  4.    Now, scarp against the back wall of the port. This part will need a lot of scarping and poking as it will take some time to loosen the debris stuck inside. But, keep up the work until you see the debris coming out.

You may blow in to remove the loosened dirt or use a new toothbrush to brush off the dirt particles. Once, you are done with the cleaning no plug in the charger and see the magic!!


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