Why is my iphone 6 plus not charging fast?

Most of the smartphones companies take particular care when working on their batteries. However, looking at IOS batteries, we are usually disappointed because of its slow charging, or any other issues. With the release of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus the charging problems are cropping up even more. iPhone 6 and particularly iPhone 6 plus can retain enough battery to be utilized a whole day readily, but owing to the larger battery capacity, it takes a larger to charge up. People generally overlook its characteristic of longer usage time and get annoyed by its slow charging.

Slow charging: Reasons

Following we will look at more reasons of iPhone 6 plus’s slow charging and how can we fight it.

1. Low Amperage

Your iDevice might be charging slowly due to a low amperage charging source. iPhone can charge at 5 volts, but the chargers available have a variety of voltage flows; therefore, choosing the right charger can make much of the difference in your charging speed. So, be careful to select the charger which has more amperage to allow fast charging in your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

2. Presence of dirt

One more reason of slow charging in your device may be because some gunk or debris is stuck inside the lightning port (also known as charging port) of your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus.

3. Damage to the ports or cable

The lightning cable (or charging cable) you require for charging of your iPhone has eight pins, and if any of these pins get blocked by dust or any other thing may cause your iPhone to charge slowly and in some cases not charge at all.

How to fight slow charging issues in your iPhone 6 plus

  1. First and foremost thing to do when facing charging issues is to inspect the lightning port to remove debris from the port, and it is better to use an anti-static brush. If you don’t have anti-static brush try using a new toothbrush, which acts as a suitable replacement.
  2. Next, comes the lightning cable. If this cable is damaged or frayed in any way can be the main reason for slow charging. Therefore, it is essential to inspect your cable entirely before blaming anything else for a slow load.
  3.  If these things are error free, you can try a few different chargers. As there may be a fault inside the cable or charger which can’t be detected from outside or the amperage is lower than required.
  4.  A mostly over-looked factor of the weak charging process is the software of your iPhone. Whenever you plug a charger into your iPhone, it’s the software that decides whether the battery will be charged or not. Therefore, if there’s an issue with your iPhone’s software, your iPhone may cost slowly even if there’s nothing wrong with your lightning port, lightning cable, charger or power source. DFU can be done to fix any problem with of the regarding iPhone’s software.
  5.  You may try switching on your airplane mode while charging to speed up the charging speed. This may sound quite silly, but it sure helps. As the battery usage decreases, it is likely that battery charges quickly.
  6.  You may also try switching off your phone when charging, and this helps in charging your iPhone a lot faster. By doing so, you stop any continuing functions to consume battery while it is being charged. It hugely contributes to advancing the charging of your battery.
  7.  It is usually recommended but little followed that you power-cycle iPhone’s battery once a month. A power-cycle is when you let the iPhone 6 or iPhone6 plus charge out entirely and then charge it to full capacity. While it’s being charged, you should not use the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus at all. This assists in keeping the battery going well for a long time.

The reasons causing the slow charging are summarized above along with some of the ways through which you may cope with all your charging issues and help your iPhone 6 plus to charge fastly.

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