How to fix iphone 6 charging port issues?

Your iPhone won’t and charge, and you have no clue how or what happened. Often people relate charging issue with the battery issue and before thinking decides to repair or at times completely replace the battery, but most of the time this isn’t the case.

Numerous problems may cause charging issues like there may be a problem with your charger, lightning port, cable, iPhone software or charging port. Among all of the problems, one of the significant issues is of charging port, in the following article we will explore more about the issues related to charging port and how to fix these issues.

iPhone 6 charging port    

Charging port is the opening at the end of your phone where you insert the charger. This port can experience several matters, and that’s why it won’t be wrong to say that mostly, charging port is the culprit behind charging issues. After the release of iPhone 5, Apple devices changed their charging port to be compatible with lightning cable for fast charging. They are known as a lightning port. One issue with these charging port is that if it is not handled carefully, it can be broken easily.

iPhone 6 charging port not working

If your iPhone 6 is not charging then as mentioned above, the problem is mostly with your charging port. iPhone 6 charging port can experience charging issues due to the blockage of anything in charging port hindering the connection or damaged charging port, water getting in contact with the port or broken/ bend pins of the port. These issues can cause the hindrance between the cable and phone’s charging connection which stops the iPhone from charging.

iPhone 6 charging port issues

In the above paragraph, we discussed the problems that may occur with the charging port stopping the connection and hence, preventing the device from charging. These issues have straightforward solutions until the port is broken or burnt. It may get cut if some pointed thing gets in the port or water contact or great voltage flow can cause it to burn.

In these cases, it is impossible to amend the issue yourself, and you need to visit Apple store to get it fixed. Still, it won’t be much of the problem as they will replace the charging port which is not expensive. Therefore, the problem can be easily fixed without much of the hustle.

But, if this isn’t the case, then:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to get a flashlight and look directly into the port to see if there is any visible debris.
  2. If there is, then you know the problem, and you can quickly remove it by blowing into the port to remove the dust or any other impurity stuck in between the port or using compressed air blower.
  3. If this isn’t helping, use a toothpick or clean new toothbrush to remove the debris but make sure to be careful that you don’t cause any other problem while cleaning. Therefore, remember to keep the hand gentle.

Some people also recommend using paperclips, bobby pins or even needles but it is not the option to should go for. As, first these are made of electrically conducting materials and next, that these are quite sharp which is likely to cause a problem even if there isn’t any in the port.

If you try all of these and yet your charging issue is not cured.

  1. You may try resetting your device to cure the software issue that may be hindering charging.
  2. You may also try changing cable, adopter or socket.
  3. Now, if you have tried all these remedies and still you are experiencing slow charging, or not charging at all then visit an Apple store.

It is better to visit Apple store instead of any local repair shop to ensure the guarantee of the repair and safety of your device. You can buy the best chargers from here!

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