What do I do if my IPhone 5s won’t turn on or charge after dying?

Once your IPhone 5s is fully discharge, it may take a while to breathe life in it.  There might be a possibility of a software breakdown or a worn out battery issue in your phone but before jumping in to these issues it is better to use some basic tactics to fix your phone that won’t turn on or charge.

Start with plugging-in the phone to the charger for 15 to 20 minutes, and then press the home and power buttons together to reboot the phone. You can even toggle the mute button couple of times before pressing the power and home button. Here, we have 3 different solutions to all the major causes resulting in your phone crash.  


  • Fixing the lighting connector


There is the possibility that the lightning connector may have wriggled around the charging port or is loosely attach to the port which may hinder charging leading to a subsequent draining battery followed by a blank screen. So what you should do?

Put some glue to the top of the lightening connector part of the USB cable to make it one mm thick. Now it can easily be inserted and when you see a battery icon on the home screen and an Apple logo after 10 seconds then viola you have solved the problem.

If the IPhone screen is still blank and nothing happens then there are three possibilities:

  • IPhone 5s might be broken
  • USB cable might be defective
  • Your adapter has been burnt due to voltage fluctuation.

These issues call for few fixtures such as trying different chargers or cables but they have to pertain to the Apple certified specification or Mfi certified cables. Otherwise, you can always take your phone to Apple technicians and ask them why my IPhone 5s won’t turn on or charge.


  • Needs battery replacement:


A new fully charged iPhone 5s have a standby battery time of around 220 to 250 hours. But at a point in time your phone will call for a battery replacement as with time the lifespan of the battery diminishes.  If you have some technical knowledge then you can save your trip to Apple store and replace the battery at home.

  • For this, you will need a replacing battery, suction pad or razor, T3 screwdriver, Philips screwdriver and spudgertool .
  • First power off your iPhone and then with T3 screw driver, pull out the two screws of the charging port. This will separate the screen from the frame.
  • Now, pull out the screen an inch using suction pad by placing it just above the home screen button.
  • With the pointed edge of spudger tool remove the metal shield on the touch ID without disturbing the wires. Disconnect the touch ID as well to get full access to the inside of the phone.
  • Use a Philips screw driver to remove the screws on the battery.
  • Poke the battery from all sides using spudger tool and gently remove it. Slight cracking noise is quite normal when doing so.
  • Then place the new battery and if the new battery does not have an adhesive on it then put double-sided tape at its back.


Restoring the phone:


Several users have reported similar problem when the software of the phone has crashed. Following symptoms are associated to system crash:

  • Home button won’t turn on the device
  • iPhones only work when connected to power supply.
  • iPhones responds only to home and sleep button and then immediately turns off after the Apple logo appears.

So how do you troubleshoot this issue?

  • Users have noticed that after they have charged their device and tried pressing the home and sleep button for 15 seconds till they see the logo the IPhone 5s, the screen alerts for iTunes connection. If you see this message, then put your phone on the recovery mode.
  • Connect your device to your computer and open iTunes. Then press home and sleep button together for 20 seconds or so till you see the Apple logo followed by a restore message.
  • Once you see the message press restore and setup your device. This procedure will allow you to reboot your phone even if the software has crashed.


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