How to clean, fix or replace iphone 5 charging port quickly?

Releasing in the September of 2012, iPhone 5 was one of the most celebrated iPhones in the entire iPhone history. Amongst all the things that changed from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5, the new iPhone 5 charging port was one.

Reasons for port issues!

Previously, Apple installed long charging ports (30 pin charging port) in the iPhones (up to iPhone 4), and now it changed the port; the new one is quite small and thin. Apple switched to the lightning port for several reasons.

  1. First of all, they wanted to make the iPhones lighter and thinner, but the previous charging port wasn’t allowing them to do so as it was much thicker and more substantial.
  2. Secondly, the new lightning port is much more efficient and quicker when charging or transferring data. The new connector works in both orientations, so you don’t need to worry about plugging the wrong side and then turning it around again.

iPhone 4 chargers, which people had, were wasted, but Apple helped you there too by releasing an adaptor that connects to your previous 30 pin charger and converts it into the lightning pin. However, the new port also brought new problems with it. As the iPhone 5 charging port was debuting, it had several issues. There were many complaints regarding the malfunctioning of the iPhone 5 charging port. So, here are some helping tips to work with your iPhone 5 charging port.

1.    Clean the port

The primary reason why the iPhone 5’s charging port malfunctions is the dirt. The dirt which accumulates in the port over time can prevent the charger from establishing a stable connection with the iPhone leading to charging problems.

So, how to clean the port?

Cleaning the iPhone 5 charging port can be a tedious job because the lightning port is too small and thin.

  1. Make sure you backup your data from the iPhone before cleaning the port to be on a safe side.
  2. Then, use a toothpick to clean the lightning port gently. There will be much dirt which will be cleaned.
  3. An added option is to use a tiny bit of alcohol here as it is a good cleaning agent and evaporates quickly.
  4. Alternatively, you can also use a needle, card or any thin object that can go into the charging port.
  5. When you’re done with the cleaning, use a flashlight to see inside the port and check whether there is any dirt left, and if there is, repeat the cleaning process until all the dirt is removed.
  6. Moreover, you can also use compressed air to clean the port. The pressure of the air from the straw through the can blow the dust out of the port.

2.    Fix the port

If cleaning doesn’t help, you certainly need to fix your iPhone 5 charging port. The best way to do it is taking it to an expert. However, you can also do it by yourself. How to fix iPhone 5 charging port? To set the port, you’ll need to open up your iPhone and work with the port itself.

If the port has broken pins, you need to replace them. If a component has burned due to high or inconsistent voltage, you need to replace that component or the entire port. If your charger isn’t connecting correctly, there are chances that the port’s outer body that holds the charging pin has broken, so you just got to replace that.

3.    Replace the port

To replace the port, you need to open your iPhone completely. First, you need to unlock all the screws and remove the upper screen assembly. Then, you should remove the battery and unplug it from all the wires. Then you can finally take the charging port out and disconnect it from the speaker. You can replace the charging port now and connect it back to the speaker, plug the wires back and then place back the battery. Close the iPhone just as you opened it in the first place. However, it is always recommended to not play with your iPhone like this by yourself. Expert help is still better.


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