How to Install and Use USB Car Charger?

After one is fed up of the problems of battery cases and power banks, but still has no time to sit around and wait patiently while his/her mobile phone is getting charged, the next move is to buy a USB car charger. A USB car charger allows a person to charge his mobile phone while he is on the way. Multi-tasking is the answer to all-time shortages these days and charging your mobile phone during a commute is an ingenious way to multi-task.

Installation and use of USB car charger

The car charger is not a new invention; people have been using it even before the advent of smartphones. However, a USB car charger is something new, because the previous car chargers had integrated wire in them to charge the mobile phone, while the new ones have one or more USB sockets, allowing multiple devices to be charged at a single time. USB car chargers are available in various watts and amperes; one can choose amongst them and many other features, including the number of USB ports, so that she can get the best suitable USB car charger for herself. Moving on to the next part after the purchase of a USB car charger, its installation.

How to install USB car charger/ How to connect USB car charger?

Installing/connecting a USB car charger is not that a tedious job; you have to plug the charger in the car lighter port. The charger will gain electricity from the car’s battery and transfer it to its USB port power outlets. You will have to connect a USB cable to the USB port and connect the charging pin to the mobile which needs to be charged. Make sure the car is on so that the electricity can pass through the car battery to the lighter port and the charger can be connected. There you go, happy charging!

How to use a USB car charger?

Using a USB car charger is an easy job. It is used in the same way as other chargers; the only difference is that its adaptor is different from standard adaptors in a way that is connected to the lighter port instead of a wall socket.

Using a USB car charger ‘safely,’ though, is a very critical issue, because if not done so, it may harm your charger, device that is being charged or the car’s battery. First of all, you should not be using a USB car charger for a long time when the car is just on, and the engine is not running; this can harm your car’s battery. Secondly, you should look for any abnormal heating of the charger or the mobile phone; if this is the case, there might be an issue with either your charger or your lighter port. Whatever the problem is, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible to be protected against severe damage.


How to hardwire USB car charger?

Hardwiring something means to connect something permanently. If you hardwire a USB car charger in your car, it would be a part of your car forever; you will not be able to remove it again from the lighter port. Most cars have empty spaces covered with caps on their dashboards which can be used in the future for buttons or sockets etc. So, you will need to use a part of the dashboard for this. All you would need is a power adaptor, a wire, screwdrivers, glue, electric tape and a soldering gun.

First of all, you will have to open a place on the dashboard where you have to install a charger. Then, you have to get a connection from the battery through a wire and connect that wire to the adaptor which has USB ports to give the electricity output. All wire connections are to be soldered and then taped so that they can not get disconnected. Then you need to close the place where you placed the adaptor on the dashboard. For the last step, it is compulsory that you choose an adaptor of the size of the dashboard opening in the first place, so that it does not look ugly.

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