Important Factors To Consider Before Buying Your First Rifle

If this is your first time buying a rifle, you may feel overwhelmed with all the options shown at your local gun store. There are countless rifles with different purposes and features, and in addition to that, gun accessories may seem even more complicated than the rifle itself. There are various reasons to own a gun, and before buying the first rifle you see, there are some factors to consider. Going through these factors will help you make a better decision when buying your first rifle.

What Are You Going To Use The Rifle For?

This is the first question you need to ask yourself when you first think about owning any type of gun. Rifles have many purposes and that’s where their differences lie. While a hunting rifle is fit for hunting, its long barrel is not suitable for self-defence. If you are interested in hunting, you need a rifle that is lightweight and packs enough firepower to drop an animal in one shot. Keep in mind that there is different ammo for different animals; while a certain kind of bullet can drop a hog, it might not be enough for deers. If you want a rifle for target practice or precision shooting, you may need a bigger budget, as precision rifles are usually more expensive than the other types. 

A rifle is a good choice for home defense and it must be accurate and practical. If there is a threat in your house, you need to make sure that when you fire, the target will be hit. A shorter barrel will help you navigate through corners and doors, while semi-automatic rifles can shoot multiple bullets quickly. Once you know why you want a rifle, the options narrow down.

Choose an Action

The part of any rifle that loads the cartridge, fires, and ejects the casing is called action. Semi-automatic rifles are designed mainly for defensive use and they use removable or internal magazines. Their recoil is less intense than other types of rifles and they have the fastest firing rate and ammunition feed rate. Bolt-action rifles are extremely reliable and accurate for hunting or long-range shooting. They use either a detachable or internal magazine that holds only a few rounds, and they are reloaded by pulling back the bolt to eject the casing and pushing it forward to reload another one. 

The lever-action rifles look like the ones you see in cowboy movies, which are used for hunting, home defense, or just for fun at the range. As the name suggests, they have a lever that is cranked down to unload the used cartridge then back up to load a new one, which makes the reloading process slower. Break-action or pump-action rifles are uncommon and they are very similar to pump-action shotguns.

Do Your Research

By reading this article, you are already doing your research, but you need to take it up a notch. After deciding on why you need a rifle and the action that will suit your style, you need to browse the web for recommendations. While each person has their preference when it comes to guns, reading gun and gear reviews can give you an insight into the rifle’s performance and reliability. 

Additionally, you can ask friends or family for their opinion about the rifles they own, but keep in mind that they can be biased towards the guns they already own. Finally, a local gun store employee can have comprehensive knowledge about different rifles and recommend certain kinds for beginners.

Other Factors to Consider

After settling on the purpose and the action of the rifle, the choice for caliber won’t be too daunting. Not every caliber is fit for every action and that will narrow down your choices, and whether you need the rifle to hunt or for home defense, researching calibers will show you which ones are suitable for your needs. It’s time to visit a gun store and try the fit of the rifles you are considering. If the rifle feels awkward in your arms, then it’s not right for you. It is essential to feel comfortable while holding your rifle. 

Needless to say, your budget is the deciding factor of which category of rifles you can afford, so it’s futile to look at rifles you can’t afford in the first place. Finally, make sure that your rifle is customizable and is compatible with some accessories such as scopes, as you don’t want to be stuck with a rifle that you can’t tweak for your needs.

Choosing a new rifle isn’t as complicated as it seems once you know your needs. Knowing the purpose is the first step to buy any type of gun as long as it’s within your budget. The action is a preference that should narrow your options down, and the caliber depends on the purpose you need the rifle for. After following these steps, you will be firing your first shot knowing you made the right choice.

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