How to fix an IPhone charger that won’t charge?

At times, the charger doesn’t function properly and refuses to charge phone’s battery. There could be numerous reasons to it and similarly various solution to the problem. First of all, you need to check all the parts of your charger from the wall adapter to lightning cable. You also need to check the port of your phone as it can accumulate dust or get damaged.

Sometimes, users are even careless with their devices as they tend to use the phone while charging. They might yank the phone which can loosen the rubber coating and exposing the live wire; thus can also cause electric shock. Now finding a compatible wire of good quality is in itself a big challenge so why not look for ways to fix it at home. Also, due to voltage fluctuation, adapters get overheated and burnt which calls for immediate replacement. Have a look to find out how to fix an iPhone charger that won’t charge!

How to Fix the Damaged USB Cable?


  • Electrical tape:


It is a most common DIY solution to mend the fray parts of the cable. Usually USB cables get worn out as users tend to keep using their phone while on charge. All you need to do is wrap around the electric tape on the tattered part of the cable. Although, the remedy is quick, easy and cost-effective but is unsafe as one can still get an electric shock.


  • Heat shrink:


It is one the DIY technique which can easily prevent you from having an additional expense of buying a new USB cable. You need to use a varnish tube made of silicon with a diameter of 1.5mm and shrink it through heat on your electrical tape so that it gets further protection. You can also apply this heat shrink to the torn cable also.

  1. Firstly cut the torn plastic coating with a scissor to remove excessive coating and the affected area is exposed
  2. Then cut the heat shrink to the length you want in order to cover the exposed area.
  3. Put the heat shrink on the exposed wires of the cable and with a heat gun, a lighter or hair dryer apply heat to it continuously. But you need to be very careful because if you don’t move the device while applying heat as it may cause overheating and as a result can melt the plastic coating or heat up the wires underneath.

This is a more reliable and safer solution as it not only makes your USB cable long-lasting but also protect you from any mishap such as electric shock.



  • Sugru:


It is a soft malleable substance which can be molded into any shape and hardens eventually. You can attach it to the twisted cable by molding it to the affected area. It is a reliable method but a little costly as it comes within the price range of $9 to $12.

How to Fix the Lighting Connector?

If you are looking for a way to fix your lightning connector at home, then you have come to the right place. Follow our step-by-step guide as this will save you a trip to an Apple technician or mobile retail shop.

  1. All you will need is a cutter, a soldering iron and a glue.
  2. Make a horizontal cut on that part of the cable that gets connected to the lighting port to expose the board and the wires to split the connector into two parts. Now you need to treat the part that contain the wires.
  3. You will see wires of different colors separated in two sections. If it is an Apple-certified cable then it will have a red and black wire connected to the power supply whereas the green and white ones are responsible for data transfer.
  4. With your hand straighten the wires and reattach them to the board using the soldering iron. Bear in mind that the board is small and wiring is complex coupled with the soldering iron being extremely hot; so work carefully.
  5. Use the glue to insulate the wires so that they become bad conductors of heat (keeping physics in mind). It’s a protective measure so that you do not get an electric shock when touching exposed wires.
  6. Now with the glue bind the plastic coating which have been cut with the cutter. You need to insulate the plastic coating in a perfect manner for your own safety; so use the glue generously.


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