How to choose school backpack?

Backpack is a necessity for all children going to school, however, most of the times, children themselves do not choose the backpack as they do not go deep into their needs and do not match those needs with the backpacks’ specifications. So, it is their parents’ job to choose backpacks for them. Now, parents find it difficult to choose a backpack, because there are thousands of backpacks available in the market to be bought. Backpacks are available for students of every class and grades and choosing amongst those backpacks can be a confusing and a tricky job, but here we will be discussing a few simple steps for choosing a perfect backpack for your child.

How to choose school backpack?

The size

First of all, you need to decide on the size of the backpack that you need. This decision can be taken after viewing what your child needs to take to the school. The number of textbooks, notebooks, stationery, lunchbox and sports items that need to be taken to school daily are to be taken into consideration. The size too small nor too big are appropriate, because if the bag is too small, it can get torn due to overfilling and if it is too big, it will also be too heavy.

Number of pockets

Bags are available with varying number of pockets and you can choose the one that is appropriate for you. Bags with many pockets can be used for organizing your stuff, because everything can be placed into a different pocket and can be accessed easily upon need. A backpack with several pockets available on is ‘New Oxford Swiss 17-inch Waterproof Travel Rucksack with USB Port’.

There are also side pockets for water bottles and stuff such as sunglasses or caps. Moreover, a student might need a backpack with a laptop sleeve if he/she needs to carry a laptop to school. In this case, a backpack with proper protective padding for the laptop must be chosen so that the laptop remains safe. A backpack available at with a laptop sleeve is ‘Laptop Backpack with USB Charging’.

Choosing the fabric

The fabric is a crucial part in the backpack, because your entire amount of money will be wasted if the fabric is not too strong and gets torn while using the backpack.The weight of the backpack also depends upon its fabric. There are very less people who can recognize a good and a bad fabric just be seeing and touching it.

Synthetic fabrics like nylon are strong, light in weight and waterproof too. However, if you choose a leather backpack, it would be much heavier and will get worn out in a lesser time span. A good bag made with a light and strong fabric is the ‘Sports Gym Bag and Backpack’ available at



Fashion is key element, because children would not prefer to carry an old-fashioned backpack to school while others are carrying cool and stylish backpacks. Children are the most intelligent in this department, because they are aware of the time’s fashion and would know what they want to carry to school. Moreover, if they choose a backpack of their own liking, they would be motivated to carry it to school.

A backpack that goes along the current fashion is the ‘Color Backpack with Floral Prints’ which is for girls and is available at This and almost all backpacks at are available in multiple colors, so children can choose their favorite color.

The straps

The straps are used to hang the backpack to your shoulders, because it is extremely difficult to carry the backpack in hands for the entire time. Now, the straps need to be comfortable and adjustable so that you can adjust it to your child’s size. A unique backpack with a crossbody strap is available at by the name of ‘Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody Messenger Backpack with USB Charging Port’. It is available in 6 colors.

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