How to charge USB backpack?

As today’s generation has increasingly become dependent on smartphones and gadgets, we tend to carry our devices everywhere with us in our backpacks. Due to constant usage, they might lose their battery power and may require charging. However, it is highly difficult to find a charging port on the go unless you are even carrying a power bank.

But then again, power bank are even not reliable and need space in your backpack which you might not have. But as technology has evolved over time, you are offered a wide variety of convenient solutions to your daily problems – one such is USB backpack that has an in-built battery powered charging port that allows you to charge your gadgets without any hassle.  

Let us see how does a USB charging backpack work  in general

Flexibility in usage:

The USB charging backpack works in such a fashion that it smartly adapts to the lifestyle of the modern user. Unlike normal backpacks it makes use of technology and give the user a flexible advantage of charging their phones with the added USB port, listening to music with a 3.5mm headphone jack attached along with the port while the user carries on with his smart phone related activities.

Caters to Different activities:

The USB charging backpacks works differently for different activities. The activities include camping, business travelling, hiking, outdoor sports activities, daily commute or cross countries travelling.

  • Camping trip or a hiking :

If you have decided to take a break from your daily monotonous city life and spend some time closer to nature, you should opt for such a USB charging backpack that fulfills to the camping environment. Of course you will need your smartphone and camera along with you in order to record beautiful moments of sunrise or nature life. So in order to charge them you need such a USB charging backpack that accommodates a solar power bank that charges in the sun all day while you are hiking in the woods.

As the solar pack soaks up the energy from the sun, your backpack will sustain plenty of charge to juice your devices up. Make sure that the battery pack in your backpack has a higher mah current supply; 2000mah or more to charge your Apple devices. Batteries in the battery pack that best sustain charge should be water proof lithium polymer ones. With LED lights the USB charging backpack you can see in the dark.

  • On your daily go:

If you are on your daily commute to work, your USB charging backpack will provide you with hidden pockets and back zipper compartment along with a charging port so that your devices are secured. The best protection can be given by the backpack material which should be tear resistant or anti-slash so that it does not become a subject of theft. A good mah power bank in the USB charging backpack will charge your phone many times on your daily commute.

  • Backpack for sports:

USB charging backpacks with outdoor adventurous sport related activities are designed with a hard shell material that safeguards your gadgets during your sports. Moreover the battery pack has a higher mah current supply so that along with charging your smartphone, you can also charge multiple devices. With a weather proof design your gadgets are safe and dry inside the USB charging backpack for this purpose.

How to charge a USB backpack:

For this you need three options:

  1. The USB backpack has have hidden power outlet through which you cangive the backpack a wall outlet charge
  2. You can remove the battery and charge it.
  3. If you want to charge your USB backpack and the gadgets together, you plug your gadgets in to the backpack and then plug the backpack at the wall outlet. Once they are charged, your USB backpack will then resume its charging.

USB charging backpacks are increasingly hitting the shelves of retail stores and are also available online for users who include gadgets and other smart devices on their go. With the plenty of power available in the backpack because of lithium polymer batteries, high mah power bank or solar panels, there is no need for you to worry about a dead battery or incorporating power saving techniques in your devices.   

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