How charge iPhone X for the first time?

The good news is, Apple has entered the era of wireless charging with its latest iPhone X. The feature not only provides convenience to the users but also speed up the charging process. Well, this is a relief for Apple fans as the phone sports the 2nd largest battery capacity in the iPhone dynasty. But then again how does the iPhone X charge to provide all day long battery life?

Usually, it takes only 30 minutes of wireless for iPhone X to reach 50% from scratch but then it technically depends on the way you charge it. However, if you have just taken out your phone from the box, then you do not require conventionally charging it for 12 hours and discharging it completely to charge it again.

As technology evolves, so do the methods of charging too; today Li-ion batteries needs few hours of charging to make the phone fully functional. The phone basically comes with a regular 5W adapter and a lightning cable to allow users to charge phone manually for 3 hours to reach 100%. Nevertheless, if you want to opt for wireless charging then you need to buy yourself a charging pad.

How to charge IPhone X for the first time?

There is no specific rule for charging iPhone X for the first time. The smart charging feature prevents your phone from overcharging and overheating thus preventing it from any damage. Even for the first time as well, you can charge your phone either way; through regular 5W adapter and lightning cable or with the wireless charging pad. Whatever method you choose, keep the following things in as a rule of thumb:

  • Experts say that it is better to charge your IPhone X for at least three hours before using it for the first time. Although the lithium ion battery is not fashioned to support this view but there is no harm in doing so as there is not chance for overcharging.
  • Keep the battery alive from 20 to 80% before plugging it to the charger.
  • Calibrate your battery: follow a full cycle of charge and discharge once in two or three months. It will sustain your battery life.
  • Use original Apple chargers
  • Remove covers when charging wirelessly to dissipate heat
  • Protect the IPhone X from extreme temperatures.
  • It is better to overnight charge your Iphone X so that you have a fully charged battery all day long.
  • You can use 3rd party wireless charging pad but make sure that they have low friction otherwise there is a possibility of dropping down the phone when it vibrates.

How to Fast Charge your iPhone X?

Fast charging feature is not new to Android but is an innovative feature in iPhones. However, Apple doesn’t provide any additional accessory in the box for rapid charging but still you have two options to speed up the charging process.

Firstly, you can opt for wireless charging and spend few extra bucks to get a charging pad. The phone is compatible with 7.5 Qi standard power pad and docks that allows 0% battery to reach 50% in just 30 minutes. The company designs Morphie and Belkie charging pads to support this new, innovative feature but then they cost around $ 60 each. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can buy 3rd party charging pads that are Qi compatible.

Well, there is another way to incredibly speed up the charging process but it is slightly heavy on the pocket. You can get yourself an Apple-certified USB-C cable that can be attached to the lightning cable. This superpower cable reduces the conventional charging time to 2 hours for a full 100% charge.

The cable costs around $25-35 depending on its size but then you also need to buy 29W USB-C power brick to go with the cable. The total cost of this charging solution will reach around $74 unless you charge your phone with MacBook’s adapter. You can even plug-in your phone to iPad 12W chargers as they are faster than the regular 5W charger but still not as quick as USB-C cable.


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