How to charge IPhone without a charger?

If the users of IPhones want to diversify their options in charging apart from the 5V adapter and lighting cable; then they should opt for alternatives that are faster and reliable. The options and methods are many but keep in mind that they are only temporary solutions as continuous use can harm the battery life.

Users are not expected to employ alternatives to wired charging all the time. If they do so then they are allowing their IPhones battery life span to get degenerated before its expected time. This will lead to an early battery replacement and the subsequent damaging of the cable that connect the touch ID of IPhone to the motherboard which may require assistance from an Apple-certified technician.

Let us examine 5 of the most suitable ways for how to charge your iPhone without a charger:


Wireless charging:


Your older versions of iPhones such as iPhone 6 and 7 series require a software update to support wireless charging. Whereas users of iPhone 8 and its successors enjoy the in-built wireless features that require a 7.5 W receiver pad to charge the phone.

So if you are looking for an inductive Qi-compatible charging pad for your phone make sure that it has an output of at least 7.5W to rapid charge your phone’s battery. Third party wireless charging pads are much cheaper than Apple’s wireless accessories such as Samsung wireless pad.

However, if you are looking for an Apple wireless charging pad then get yourself AirPower which is slightly expensive but can charge your phone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time which otherwise you can’t do with third-party wireless pad.

Moreover, if the predecessors of IPhone 8 want to utilize the wireless charging facility, they can buy the right kind of accessories to support it. All they require is a receiver pad, a plate to place in between the phone and receiver as they were technically not designed for wireless charging and a software update. With everything in hand, now they can enjoy quick charging as well and that too through a wireless connection.

Downside of Wireless charging:

Wireless charging may deplete battery‘s life span as it tends to damage the inside of the battery. It is because while charging through plug-ins your iPhone gets a break once the charging cycle is complete but wireless solutions offer continuous charge as the circuit doesn’t break. The background apps, internet and phone cannot be switched off when charging wirelessly; thus stressing the battery. Now by overcharging your phone, the battery is at a risk of damage and depletion.

Moreover, wireless charging has not evolved completely as the receiver pad is not wireless completely and requires charging through a wall socket charger; in order to charge your phone.

Portable battery case:

Attach the USB cable to the pack and connect to your phone. Some battery packs can permanently fix on the back of your IPhones and give them a constant supply of power. In this way you can charge your iPhone without charger cable.

Solar charger:

This takes energy from the sunlight all day and convert it in to electricity so that your IPhone can charge in the night time or while you are travelling.

Purchase a Camp Fire:

Absorb heat from camping pots or pans and convert it in to electricity. You simply set the pot on the campfire and plug in the cable to your IPhone can let it charge. This method is suitable when you are camping, hiking or going to a picnic.


  • A DIY method to charge phones:


Aluminum foil and compressed air:

  • Switch off your iPhone and remove the back case.
  • Cover you phone with aluminum foil in such a manner from the middle that the battery is covered.
  • Put your IPhone in the sun for 15 seconds otherwise it might overheat your device
  • Now bring back the phone inside and rub the aluminum covering with a small bag of compressed air for few seconds.
  • Unwrap the aluminum foil and switch on the phone to enjoy fully charged battery.
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