How to charge IPhone 8 for the first time?

IPhone 8 and 8 plus come with a lot of new features and it is a totally new design with a glass pack. You might be wonderinghow to charge IPhone 8 with the innovative charging methods that has been introduced in it. Apple released two new charging methods that were on Samsung Galaxy S8 and 8 plus and other Android devices as well. And now we have them on IPhone8 too:

  • Wireless charging through glass case enable by Qi standards charging pads
  • Fast charging:  There are countless times when you need your phone to charge really fast so now you have a power brick with lightning cable to speed up the process.  


However, the 5V power brick doesn’t play any significant role on rapid charging so again you need to purchase few more accessories to reduce the 3-hour long full battery charge time.

How to fast charge IPhone 8:

For this you need to get yourself a good hold of certain accessories and they depend on how much cost your pocket can hold. So here we are:

  1. Get a power brick: You can get it from an Apple store or the one that comes with a Samsung Galaxy 8 which is capable of giving a power supply of 9V. This would support fast charging.
  2. Get a 1 m USB-C cable that connects with lighting cable. This is the most efficient way of fast charging IPhone 8 that is in 30 minutes IPhone8 will get a 50% charge. However this cable is expensive ($25).
  3. Get Anker Power Brick: It gives an output of 31V and when attached to USB-C type power cable plus lightning cable, it enables fast charging. This has worked well for Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and will work for iPhone 8 as well.
  4. The most cost effective solution to fast charge your IPhone 8 is through an iPad charger. You can still use your lighting cable that comes with your IPhone 8 box as it has a USB type A port. But iPad or MacBook Pro chargers  will charge a lot faster than that of the iPhone 8.
  5. You can also use Metrans USB-C to the lighting cable. It will charge IPhone8 with 0.098W/minute. It is one-third the cost of USB-C cable ($8) and saves up to two-third of the charging time.

Wireless charging:

How to wireless charge IPhone 8 is the most common query among the users of IPhone 8. Wireless charging is the handiest option available on this smartphone which can be enabled with the use of following accessories

  • A Qi- compatible wireless charging pad is needed. Apple releases its AirPower charging mat in 2018 which will revolutionize wireless charging platform as it will allow Apple Watch, Air Pods and IPhone8 and its successors to charge all at once.
  • Third party wireless charging mats are much cheaper; the ones that can charge Galaxy S8 models will do significantly as they can charge faster than any bundled charger.  

However, opting for wireless charging all the time can deplete battery life as it does not block background activities such as data transfer, background updates and running background apps which drain battery power continuously. This puts extra stress on the battery and keeps it on charge continuously thus affecting its health in the longer run.

The last but not the least experts have also said that in charging your IPhone 8 for the first time it is preferable to charge through wired connection that is facilitated through the wall adapter. It depends whether you want to use an accessory of USB-C to the lighting cable or make use of the regular charger.

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