How to charge IPhone7? Ways to charge IPhone 7?

Have you ever wondered what will you do if your iPhone 7 battery dies down and you have no charger with you at that moment? Usually users plug-in their phone to the conventional charger made of Apple-certfied 5V adapter and USB lightning cable for quick charging solutions. You can even get yourself an MFi-certified cable to charge your phone, if your USB lightning cable is damaged. But you will be in trouble, if there is no adapter in hand!

Well, the good news is you can wirelessly charge your iPhone 7 by just getting few more accessories. Although, iPhone 8 series is the first in the line that comes with wireless charging pad but that also is not compatible with older version phones.  Nevertheless, tech gurus have offered solutions for how to charge iPhone 7 without a charger.

Going Wireless with the Right Kind of Accessories:

  1. The first and foremost thing is to find a receiver which can receive wireless charger signals. The metallic body of your phone is not suitable for wireless charging;  thus, you need a receiver that can be placed in between the phone’s back and wireless charging plate
  2. The receivers are available in 2 modes  — the Qi mode which is the most common one amongst the wireless charging pad and the PMA mode – which is comparatively expensive and used by only Powermat. But, we would recommend you Qi mode charge pads as Apple uses the same one in its latest models.
  3. Now, all you need is the right wireless pad on which you are going to lay your iPhone 7 for charging. Keep in mind that wireless chargers are not that efficient as compared to conventional chargers, so your phone might take longer than due to charge. Go for a wireless pad that is designed by Samsung as they are highly experienced in providing these solutions to their consumers. Also, they support both Qi and PMA standard receivers with a max output of 15W thus ensuring faster charging.

Turning your iPhone 7 into a wireless charging phone is not the only solution. Here are few best ways to charge iPhone 7 on the go without relying on the charger.


  • Getting a portable battery:


Using portable batteries allow you to charge your iPhone 7 without a charger. All you need to do is make sure that you get the right voltage battery and then connect it with your phone using a power cable. You can even buy yourself a battery pack that permanently attaches to the back of your phone for constant power supply but you need to recharge that power pack once its battery drains down.


  • Using car charger:


You can also buy yourself a car charger which is compatible with your iPhone 7. Although, it provides slow charging but is a reliable solution in case of emergencies.


  • Designing your own Citrus Fruit battery:


You can also construct your own DIY Citrus Fruit battery when in dire need of a charger. All you need is a dozen of citrus fruit, preferably lemons, 12 copper screws, 12 zinc nails, an insulated copper wire and rubber gloves.

Steps for making the battery:

  1. Insert 1 copper screw and 1 zinc nail in each lemon in such a way that they are slightly exposed. Also, make sure that nail and screw should be placed closer together but they do not touch. The nails and screws should be aligned in segment with the fruit to build the circuit.
  2. Connect all the lemons together using copper wire. One zinc nail from one lemon should be connected to the copper screw on the other lemon until all the lemons are connected.
  3. Cut a USB cable to expose its wires and connect them to the copper wire
  4. Plug-in the USB cable to your iPhone 7 for charging. Each lemon will produce half volt of current so the whole dozen will end up producing 5V current which is same as the Apple certified charger.

All the solutions provided above are to give you quick solutions in extreme circumstances. It is always advisable to use company certified chargers to charge your phone as this will result in a long-lasting battery life.  


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