How to charge IPhone 4, 5 6 without a charger?

Technically speaking there aren’t any viable methods through which you can actually charge iPhone 4, 5 and 6 without an original adapter and cable that comes in the box. You can purchase a battery case but even that needs to be charged with a USB connector. Some wireless charging cases are available but they aren’t truly wireless solutions as they too need a base to be plugged in to the wall like the USB charger.

In situations, when you have no charger in hand but are in a dire need of charging your iPhone then there are certain alternatives which can charge your phone without a charger or USB. But all these are temporary solutions and are certainly no match to a wired charger. They even may not always work but they are the best solutions out there.

How to charge iPhone without a charger or USB?

DIY solutions is the answer to your problem:


  • To charge iPhone 6 without a charger you need a glass of water two forks and a butter knife. Put few drops of water, using your fingers, on the screen of your phone. Now place the forks horizontally on either side of water drops. After this place knife in such a way that it touches water drops and forks simultaneously.  You will see the batter charging sign after few minutes.


  • Charging your IPhone 4 and 5 from 55% to 100% without a charger or USB: For this you will need a small piece of aluminum foil that is enough to cover your iPhone in two wraps and a plug of an electronic lamp.




Now place your phone on the sheet of aluminum foil and wrap it once. After this, put the plug of the lamp and then give a second wrap so that the phone is covered completely. This will create an electro-magnetic field for the battery to charge. This will fully charge your battery within few minutes.


  • Charging IPhone 4 5 and 6 with electrolytes:  For this you need an onion, a can of energy drink, a screwdriver and your phone.


Follow the steps below:

  • With the screw driver poke two hole each on the each side of the onion
  • Pour drink in a bowl and submerge the onion in it for 30 minutes.
  • Once the onion has soaked the drink, take it out of the bowl. Now plug-in one end of USB cable in the onion, while the other end to the phone.
  • Your phone will be charged within few minutes.


  • Charging  iPhone with aluminum and a bag of compressed air:


  • First switch off the phone and remove it from the case.
  • Cover the middle part of the IPhone technically where the battery resides with aluminum foil.
  • Then take your covered phone in the sun for 15 seconds only. Do not place it out in sun for too long as it may overheat your device.
  • Once your phone is back inside rub the aluminum covering with the small bag of compressed air for few seconds.
  • Uncover the phone and you will see a 100% charge.

How to charge your iPhone 4, 5 and 6?

Wireless solutions:

Another way you can charge your IPhone without a charger or USB is through a wireless charger. Although the IPhone 4, 5 and 6 do not support wireless charging by default but you can still wirelessly charge them through receiver pads or software updates as iphone5 can support iOS 10 which enables wireless charging. Just connect the lightning port to a 1mm wireless pad and within few hours the battery will be fully charged. It is a cost effective and reliable solution as the receiver pad can be bought in just 5 dollars.  

Other Options:

  • A portable battery case or a power bank: protects the phone and prolong battery life of IPhone


  • Charging in car through wireless means:this is suitable of IPhone 5 and 6; a Qi compatible device receiver that is a thin plate like object will solve your charging troubles in car.


  • USB cable to PC or Laptop: this is a good alternative but would slow charge the device.




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