How long do phone external battery cases last?

The popularity of the external battery cases is on the rise, especially amongst the iPhone users, because iPhone’s battery life is not that good, and people do need an outer battery case or a power bank with latter being too heavy and has to be carried along with the wires.

External battery cases are a smart choice for people on the move who require uninterrupted service. An outer battery case does not only provide your mobile phone with the power when it needs it, but it also protects your phone like a protective case, and they are also quite stylish these days.

Previously, people used to carry extra batteries with them in case the charge of the primary battery runs out. However, those days are gone now, and most of the cellphones and all of the iPhones have non-removable batteries so carrying extra batteries would not help unless you are planning to open your cell phone and change the battery completely.

How long do battery cases last?

Battery cases take around 2 to 4 hours to charge completely (from 0% to 100%), depending strictly on the size of the battery case and the charger being used to charge it. Battery cases come in different sizes, for example, 1500 mAh, 2850 mAh, 3000 mAh, 1200 mAh and so on. So, bigger the size of the battery case, the longer it takes to charge.

The lasting of battery cases’ charge depends on how heavy a user is. If you use your iPhone for around 12 hours a day, you would probably need more than one battery case. The smart battery case by Apple has a capacity of 2365 mAh while iPhone 7’s battery is 1960 mAh, so you can get around twice the usage from 0% to 100% if you have the primary battery charged too. But you can get a charge worth more than this, check out the battery cases offered here.

Care regarding battery cases!

The hump at the back of the smart battery case is the battery that charges your iPhone. That battery can be damaged if proper care is not taken.

On the other hand, if used appropriately, an average battery case lasts for around 500 cycles. 500 cycles mean you can charge your phone from 0% to 100% 500 times; if you charge your phone from 50% to 100%, it would not be counted as a complete cycle, and in that case, charging two times from 50% to 100% would count as an entire cycle.

The lasting of a battery case can be improved significantly by following one piece of advice. The advice is that you should not let the battery case charging remain open; you should turn it on when your phone’s battery has drained out too much. If you let it remain on all the time, the phone will not fall below 100% charge as it is being charged at the same time when it is being used.

Ways to charge your battery case

There are two usual ways of charging your battery case.

  • First, you can charge it while it is connected to your mobile phone.
  • This way, the charger will be connected to the charging case which is further connected to your mobile phone.
  • The charger will charge your battery case which will simultaneously charge your mobile phone. Once the mobile phone is charged completely, then only will the charge of the battery case increase.

This is a long process and very inefficient too; much of the power is wasted while the charger is charging your battery case which is further charging your cell phone. A much better alternative is to charge the cell phone and the battery case separately, especially if you have two different chargers to charge both the mobile phone and the battery case separately, at the same time.

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