How heavy is your kid’s school bag?

School bags for children comes in different shapes and sizes and are made up of different materials. What backpack a child chooses is dependent upon their preference, comfort level and the unique style that they want to adopt. What matter matters the most is that how heavy is your kid’s school bag? Is the bag both light weight and durable enough that it can withstand the weight of textbooks and other essentials? Or does the bag have adequate supportive mechanisms that can evenly distribute the weight of the bag on the child’s shoulders?

Most importantly at what stage of academic life the school bag does start getting heavier? Once the kid progresses in to elementary and middle school, the bag gets heavier, biggerand more spacious to accommodate books and related school gear. Many parents wonder how heavy should a school bag is and how should be it carried in a comfortable way. So here is our guide:

School bag and child’s weight:

For the wellbeing of a young child’s back and spine health, it is advisable that the backpacks on child’s back should be 10 to 15% of the child’s weight. Any remarkable increase in the weight of the bag can give your child serious back pain and slouchy back at a very young age.

Carrying your school bag the right way:

The strain a bag can cause on your shoulders and back highly depends upon how you carry it. Despite having two shoulder straps, the child carries the bag only on one shoulder; thus putting extra pressure on the shoulder and back. Not only it causes back pain and muscle strain but also causes much discomfort to the child.

Keep the bag as light as possible:

Always load your bag only with essential stuff such as taking books as per the timetable, emptying all the unnecessary stationery, writing pads and other materials. You can even get yourself a single notepad with multiple separators to use it for all your subjects. All this helps in making your bag lighter and easier to carry.

Support system of the bag:

A school bag that has broad and double shoulder straps for both shoulders, padded honey combing on the straps and a padded back panel with Air Flow technology can easily make it comfortable to carry a bag without exerting much pressure.

Mode of transport:

Either your child rides a bike or takes a walk to school; the weight of the bag should always be dealt seriously. Carrying a heavy bag while riding your bicycle can put enormous amount of pressure on your back which can lead to hunchback at a very tender age. Furthermore, with no lockers available in school to keep your things, it becomes tiresome to carry heavy bags while you are moving in the school on foot.  

Turning textbooks in to E-books?

The load carried by school kids on their backs can be significantly reduced if all their textbooks are converted in to e-books. As we live in this era of micro-electronics, computers, laptops and digital technology, it is really absurd for the young children’s breaking their backs by carrying such load. In this way a small messenger bag or a compact backpack would be sufficient because all what your kids need to carry is a tablet that has downloaded textbooks and their typed assignments along with notebooks and pencil case.

So, in order to save your child from any physical hazards that heavy school bags can cause, you need to ponder upon the above suggestions.


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