How do I use and organize a backpack for school?

A well-organized life of a student is mirrored by his systematized school bag. A most familiar question regarding student’s backpack is often raised; “is the school backpack still the same as it was on your first day of school year? Is its neatness compromised by your careless attitude? And how much time you take out from your day to look after your school bag that carries all your essentials?

Bear in mind, how a student organizes a backpack for school depends on the effort and creativity he puts in and the nature of the backpack he chooses. If the student chooses a backpack that has multiple compartments and internal pockets then the school items can easily be arranged in an organized manner. If a backpack which has a single cavernous compartment is taken in to consideration, then here the students’ creativity counts the most.

At the start of the school year, your backpack is all set and the study essentials are all categorized systematically. Your pencil case has all the required stationery; pencils sharpened and fountain pens filled with ink. Are you able to retain the same cleanliness and crispiness of your backpack at the end of the week? I would seriously doubt it

So, let us discuss some of the tips on how to organize a backpack for school:

  • Empty the backpack:

So what would you do with the messed up backpack that appears as if it is struck by a tornado?  The best way to make sense amidst the muddle inside your backpack is by emptying it all at once and repacking it. You will definitely find either crumbled papers that are result of forceful and unorganized stuffing in the backpack. You might even find empty packets of chips and cookies, dirty sweatshirts for gym class and many other useless scraps that should be discarded in order to make space in your backpack.

  • Categorize the school stuff:

After emptying the backpack, you will get a clearer picture of what to discard and what to retain. Then you can subdivide your items as per your priority; books in one compartment, notebooks and folders in the other while stationery in small pockets.  This way, all your stuff will be highly organized and easy to find.


  • Place the categorized stuff neatly in the backpack:


If your backpack is consists of a main big compartment and a small front pocket then categorize your school essentials accordingly. Rather than buying separate notebooks for each subject, you can purchase a single notebook with colorful separators and use single binders to carry worksheets. This will reduce excess weight and make your bag spacious for carrying other essentials. In the small zipped front pocket, you can place small items such as stationeries or you can use boxes or pouches for it.


  • Pack your backpack according to the timetable:


This is the best tip to organize your backpack as it will save space and lighten your backpack. School backpacks should not be more than 20% of your body weight as excessive loading will cause pain in shoulders and back muscles. So in order to avoid it, pack your bag with the required essentials only.

I have followed these tips when I used to wonder how do I use and organize a backpack for school. All these tips have helped me during my school years in maintaining my bag proficiently and I hope, it will be same for you. This early training of organizing your things will have a lasting impact on your lifestyle as it will help you to schedule your day systematically as well.


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