How can I make my school backpack lighter?

If you ever want to empathize with your child’s woes with his backpack, try lifting his heavy school bag for a day or so. You will definitely come to a conclusion that your child’s complains of back pain and tired muscles are a result of an overloaded backpack that they are required to carry each day. As parents of young children, you need to pay attention to this and find ways regarding how you can make his school backpack lighter. Otherwise carrying heavy backpack may negatively affect your child’s posture.

For elder students, it is high time, that they learn to make their school backpacks more organized and pack it accordingly to required timetable of that particular day. So, there are certain tips for both parents and students to manage and make the school backpack lighter along with everyday study related essentials:

Organize the school backpack effectively:  

Organizing the backpack requires you to:

    • Pack it according to the timetable: in this way you won’t need to carry heavy unnecessary load in your backpack. You only have what study stuff is needed for your specific classes on the scheduled day.


  • Empty the backpack upside down:by emptying all the contents of your backpack you will have a general idea of what stuff is useful and what needs to be discarded such as empty chips or cookies packets, ruffled papers, broken stationaries or fully occupied notebooks.


  • Sort out the contents by categorizing them: by throwing away the junk from the backpack, you tend to make your school backpack lighter a lot. So once you have sorted out the useful stuff come to the next step.
  • Manage the sorted study stuff: there are plenty of ways for managing your study stuff in such a way that your school backpack becomes lighter. Using a single notebook with separators for all subjects tends to make a lot of difference in backpack’s weight. Bind your loose assignment papers or worksheets in a stack binders that create a straight stack not a sloped one. This will take less space in backpack



A backpack with multicompartments:

A backpack that gives a best organizer feature to keep all your study books along with laptop, gadgets and all the necessary small items such as wallets, stationaries, ID cards, locker cars is one of the best way to make your backpack lighter. This type of backpack have huge internal space which accommodate a lot of content in a very feasible way.

Avail the elements of comfort:

In order to make your backpack lighter on shoulders despite the heavy load of contents inside, make sure that you avail your school backpack’s elements of comfort wisely and effectively:

  • Carry the backpack on both shoulders: carrying it on one shoulder may be stylish, but making use of both straps on each shoulder is practical. This will not only evenly distribute the weight but will also release you from long term straining of shoulder muscles.
  • An adequate size of backpack: keeping your child’s torso in mind, choose the backpack accordingly. So, in order to make the school backpack lighter on your child’s shoulder make sure that it is 2 inches above their hips.
  • Use a backpack that has broad and padded straps: the narrow straps will dig in your child’s shoulders and will cause in discomfort, pain and eventual numbness in shoulders and arms. The padded, comfortable add-ons like honey combing cushions on straps will give you the best comfort.
  • Situate the backpack’s contents wisely: keep the heavier textbooks on that part of the backpack that is closest to your back. In this way a balance is maintain and your child doesn’t fall down if he swings or runs around.

So, the next time if your child complains or you as a student find your back paining and neck aching terribly, try organizing your bag to make it lighter and easier to carry.

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