What kind of hiking backpack should I get? Specifications for good hiking backpacks

Backpacks are some of the most adaptable pieces of equipment in the world. You can use them to store close to anything, which is what makes backpacks a product for all ages. Although your choice in backpacks may start to become more and more refined as you grow up and understand the different types of backpacks that are meant for different types of uses, you will always need a backpack.


Recently, people have begun to use backpacks as a great way to cut down on their travelling needs. How? They have start to accept backpacking as a great method of travelling in their life. You might be wondering what backpacking is in the first place and how it cuts down on your bills while travelling. Backpacking is basically the practice of using just one piece of luggage, usually a backpack, to carry all your personal belongings for the trip. Now, personal belongings on a backpacking trip strictly mean only the things that are absolutely necessary for your trip. If there is even a little doubt about the use of a certain item on your trip, you should not take it with you.

Hiking Backpacks at gizmoist.com:

Buying a great backpack is crucial to have a successful backpacking trip. If you choose a mediocre backpack, you are not only placing your belongings at a risk, but are putting yourself at a risk of going through the trouble of buying a new backpack in a foreign land, with imperfect knowledge of the market there, and limited resources to work with. The Oxford 17-inch Waterproof Travel Rucksack is one of the best hiking backpacks available at gizmoist.com. The backpack does not only have a spacious interior, but also great padding on all pockets to keep your belongings safe. In addition to that, the backpack has a usb charging port functionality available to keep all your electronic equipment charged while you travel. Waterproofing, which is a must on any backpacking trip, is a feature on this backpack available at gizmoist.com.

When you do choose a hiking backpack, you need to make sure that you take care of certain aspects, without which there is no point of investing in a proper hiking backpack. Your hiking backpack must have:

  • Multiple compartments: Lots of compartments means that you will have all your belongings neatly packed. This is essential to make your backpacking trip successful as it will make all the difference between your effective functionality and lazy endeavors, and you already know that effectiveness is essential on your trip.
  • Anti-theft Features: When you travel in a foreign land, you need to make sure that you take all the precautions you can against any thievery. This is because losing your documents or personal belongings will cause major complications on your trip and your return back home. Anti-theft features will include RFID blocking, hidden compartments, locked zippers, tear free outer surface, wire embedded shoulder straps. These are essential to keep all the thieves at bay.
  • Padding: Upon hearing padding, most people will think that it is only the padding inside the backpack that actually matters. However, there is much and more to padding than just interior. You shoulder straps and back of hiking backpack need to be padded as well. Where interior padding will protect your laptops or other electronic devices from breaking, shoulder and back padding will make sure that you do not get injured while travelling. It must be said here that back and shoulder injuries are some of the worst kind of injuries and may take many years to fully heal. They are something you definitely do not want.

The Anti-theft Canvas Backpack at gizmoist.com has all of these essential features to help you get through your trip. Moreover, the backpack has a USB charging port functionality too to give you power all through your trip. The design is very sleek and compact to make you look as fly as you can on your trip.

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