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What are the best hiking/travel backpacks for photographers?

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Traveling is perhaps one point of argument where there is unanimous agreement about the positive effects. If there is ever an opinion, it is that you should get out of your house and travel. You will never find anyone who tells you that traveling is not a worthwhile exercise. This is most probably because travel has been a known way to widen your perspectives and give direction to your life. All you need is to take some time out in every 6 months or so, and then go exploring. You will never regret it.

Furthermore, travel is a great way to give yourself the time that you have been promising yourself for so long. It is the perfect way to get away from all the stress that was getting unbearable. With no workload or crazy deadlines, you can have all the time to yourself, and heal all the emotional wounds you have gathered in the last year.

Photographers and Travelling:

If you think people only travel so they could get away from work, you are wrong. For many people travel is work and they would not have it any other way. Photographers, for instance, need new perspective and beauty to keep them motivated. Every now and then they need to get out of their old surroundings and find something new to capture. Especially if the photographer in question is a wildlife photographer because then the entire purpose of their photography is to capture different species from around the globe and you practically cannot do that sitting at home.

Traveling as a photographer is not easy though. Your camera equipment is the single most important thing in your luggage as a photographer and you cannot afford to take chances with it. Having said that, it is obvious that you cannot be careless with your equipment and pack it up in a suitcase full of all your clothes and shoes. That is why, photographers like to backpack their way around the globe, so they do not have as much to carry other than their photography equipment.

Backpacks and Equipment

Since it is now established that backpacking is a common trend among photographers, it must also be established that one cannot emphasize enough the importance of choosing the right hiking backpack for your photographic equipment. If you ever do make the mistake of choosing the wrong hiking backpack, you will not only be risking your equipment and the money that you invested to get that equipment, but you will also be in for a lot of trouble when you do get to your destination and then find out that your equipment is no longer functional. So, before you leave, try getting a backpack as good as the Anti-theft Canvas Backpack from to not only allow waterproofing but also give you the facility to charge with the USB charging port.

What Backpacks are Suitable for Carrying your Camera Equipment?

The Oxford Swiss 17-inch waterproof travel rucksack is one of the most amazing photographer’s backpacks that you will find at, with its six amazing colors, padded interior, and waterproof features. For all the equipment, you can also buy the Shell Shaped Leather Backpack at for both style and comfort, and the convenience that so many pockets allow you.

Given that it is imperative to get the right hiking backpack for your camera equipment, you must make sure that the backpack you choose has all the following features:

  • Padding; lots and lots of padding: Lenses are very delicate and that is why they must be handled very carefully and so the more padding your bag has, the better.
  • Compartments: Different types of equipment should be kept separately to avoid any damage to either of them. Having more compartments will make it easy to keep your equipment separate.
  • Wide, padded shoulder straps:  Camera Equipment is heavy. When so when you put it all in a single backpack, you will have a lot of weight on your shoulders. So, you will need wide shoulder straps to distribute the weight evenly and for the pads to be padded so they do not dig into your shoulder.


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