Which backpack should I buy for junior year in high school for under $40?

High school is a very important part of your schooling. This is when you begin to take charge of your life. You begin to understand that only you are responsible for your actions and in time, your parents would not be held responsible for anything that you do. Your parents, on the other hand, also begin to realize that they should now, slowly and gradually let you make your own decisions and choices.

High school and the bag of your choice!

So, you should not just walk right into high school with your old habits and excuses. When you do enter this new phase of life, you should think about all the big decisions that you will make from that point forward and how you will handle yourself. This phase is where you will realize that you need to work on your own self more than anything else, and if you do not do that, you will get left behind in the bigger picture of life. So, then why not begin this new phase with a new enthusiasm and perhaps a new highschool backpack from gizmoist.com, because you are definitely going to need it. Their Swiss 17-inch Waterproof Rucksack is one amazing backpack to have. It has all the pockets to get your life sorted and all the padding to protect your belongings.

What will your High School Backpack Do for You in Junior Year?

Your backpack will be the single most important piece of equipment that you will have for your entire academic career at your high school. With High school you will have greater responsibilities. You will have to have all your books, your laptops or tablets, your gym clothes, your sports equipment (basketballs, tennis rackets, soft balls, and so on) and so on. There are so many tasks that your high school backpack will have to participate in and you will not even realize what a blessing it is to have that backpack.

Your appearance will determine what kind of impression you have on your peers and teachers and this will eventually lead to your self-esteem. Backpacks, are crucial to your appearance. If you show up to class with a backpack that has a picture of some childish cartoon characters drawn on the back, what will it say about you? So, you need to make sure that your high school backpack makes a good impression for you, and that impression will only be made if you choose a backpack that says that you are a grown up.

How to Choose a Backpack for your junior year at high school?

Although your backpack will make an important impression about your overall appearance, you still can squeeze in some of that adolescent creativity, because believe it or not, you are still just a kid. But there are other factors that you need to consider before you buy a backpack and here they are:

  • Your needs: before you pick a backpack, you should think about what you need a backpack for. Do you want to carry a laptop in your backpack? Do you want it to have a pocket for your water bottle? Do you want to have space for your basketball? If you answered yes to all those questions, go ahead and buy the sports gym bag from gizmoist.com, which will cost less than $40. Not only is it a great backpack, but with dedicated spaces for your sporting equipment, your laptop, your phone and tablet all in one, this backpack is the ultimate highschool backpack.
  • Then decide on the material of your backpack. You might want to have a waterproof backpack which will help you store your electronics and move out even if it is raining. You can go to gizmoist.com and get their canvas backpack if you want a waterproof one, with a USB charging port and four different colors.
  • The price: since you are a junior year student, you should be careful with your expenses. To buy a backpack under $40, move to gizmoist.com now.


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