Here’s Why Scrabble Can Improve Your Vocabulary

Have you recently been trying to improve your English skills, and are looking for a fun way to quickly learn lots of new words? Maybe you take pride in your vocabulary, and like to constantly try and learn new words to incorporate? Perhaps you have always wondered how to actively improve your vocabulary, but have never had the time or motivation to do so until now? If this sounds like you, then be sure to keep reading in order to pick up some great tips and tricks. This article will discuss a few reasons why the game Scrabble can actually help to improve your vocabulary. There are many different ways to learn new words, so why not have fun while you do it and play a great game with your friends and family.

New Words

Discovering new words can sometimes be an incredibly humbling experience. There are numerous words in the English language that are seldom used, and Scrabble can actually be a great way to find new words without going too far out of your comfort zone. By unscrambling letters you can come up with possibilities that make you ask yourself ‘is this a word’? With a quick search online you can find out whether or not it is really a word in a couple seconds. You can even consider trying out some software to help you generate every possible combination of a given set of letters. 


If you are one of the many people who struggle to remember how to properly spell certain words, then you are probably familiar with the feeling of second guessing your scrabble words from time to time. Spelling is a key component to the game obviously, and if your word is not spelled properly then you will not be able to collect your points. Spelling is also an integral part of learning vocabulary. If you play with a laid back group of friends, then there is a good chance that they will be fine with you checking the spelling of some words you are unsure of before you attempt to place your tiles. Once you spell a word incorrectly a single time, it is important to immediately correct it in order to remember the proper spelling. 


Do you ever read your local newspaper and try to unscramble the words in the daily puzzles section? Many people enjoy this activity, but others struggle with it and seek out help. People with dyslexia can have particular trouble with these anagram puzzles. When you are playing scrabble, you are essentially jumbling the letters in your head in order to try and find the best possible way to rack up points in the game with a big word. There are even software and apps available online that are designed to help you get every possible word combination with the letters you have. This can lead you to new words that you never even knew existed, and help to build your vocabulary. Some people play Scrabble where you are required to use the word you create in a sentence, which can also help to build some context for the new word you are learning. 


In order to properly integrate different words you have used into your everyday conversations, you must have practice in order to become familiar with the word and how it is used. Scrabble can be great for this, since you will often encounter new words. If you are unsure of whether or not the word is even legal in the game of scrabble (not all words are allowed), then you can usually find somewhere online to check your Scrabble words. Practice makes perfect, so be sure to try and use new words as much as you (and others) can tolerate. 


Scrabble is an excellent game for building vocabulary because it will allow you to be exposed to more new words. This is especially important for those who do not read a ton, since you need to constantly be exposed to new and familiar words if you want to work on your vocabulary. You can try things like making a themed Scrabble game to help force you to think outside of the box, and use words you wouldn’t normally think of. 

Group Learning

Another amazing thing about group games like Scrabble is that they offer a different kind of learning experience than you might encounter in school or conventional learning spaces. By interacting with the other players and their words, then you are effectively multiplying your potential to learn new things with each new person. Everyone knows different things, so playing with other people who have a good vocabulary will help you to develop yours as well. Why would you try and rely on solely your experience to help make you a better Scrabble player while increasing your vocabulary? 

Watch The Pros

If you have never seen competitive Scrabble matches, then you should absolutely check out the scores that some pros rack up. Since professionals have lots of experience with creating words in the game, you will probably be able to learn a few new ones that you never considered before. If you are a serious Scrabble player yourself, then you can probably also learn some strategy and tactics by watching the pros play as well.

Having Fun Promotes Learning

After reading through some of the different information included in this article, the hope is that you have discovered a few reasons why the game Scrabble can actually help to improve your vocabulary. You do not need to sit down and force yourself to read from the dictionary in order to improve your mastery of the English language. Have fun and unwind while improving your vocabulary at the same time. Scrabble also has other benefits besides just improving your vocabulary, such as your critical thinking skills and planning. Be sure to try and use all the resources at your disposal when attempting to learn any new task or information. You will never get better unless you actively practice, so get going right now to see the most immediate results.

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