Help Tame Body Hair With These Useful Products

Humans might have needed body hair before the invention of warm clothes and heating, but in modern days excess body hair has just become a nuisance. It catches sweat, making you smell, and it isn’t a pleasing sight. Although women are more inclined to take care of their body hair, more and more men realize that they need to do the same. If you want to learn about the products you can use to tame your body hair, keep reading the text below.

1. Epilators

If you are dealing with thick, coarse hair that you want to get rid of for a couple of weeks, epilators could be a good option. With just a little skin preparation, they can be used on armpits, legs, or back. A great alternative, if you are allergic to waxing. And it’s more convenient too, as you can target individual hairs even if they are shorter and not wait for everything to grow back a certain length. Although using an epilator will cause you a little pain, since you are removing hair along with its follicles from your skin, it’s far less than waxing. Moreover, investing in an epilator can save you a lot of money on waxing, not to mention razors.

2. Trimmers

Electric trimmers are quite popular among men for taming body hair. Depending on their size and functions, they can be used for trimming everything from nose to chest hair. To shorten the hair on your neck, you can use a beard trimmer without a guard, or a trimmer that cuts close to the skin. For men who want to keep the hair on their chest and back a certain length, a body trimmer with an adjustable head and various guards is recommended. If you do this task in your shower, you will need a wet-dry trimmer, and if you prefer to do it outside, opt for a trimmer that absorbs most of your clippings as they fall.

3. Razors

Razors are the most commonly used products to remove body hair for men and women. They come in many forms, from simple disposable razors to electric ones, but are the most effective used alongside soothing and hair softening shaving gels or foams. These will help remove as much of the hair as possible and prevent ingrown hair. 

Speaking of which, if you plan to shave your armpits or pubic area, do it with a razor that has a built-in moisturizer with aloe vera. Otherwise, you will end up with razor bumps and swelling. If you are shaving your chest or back area, get a shaver with a larger head. If you’re a guy, then look into getting yourself a men’s grooming kit, which will probably make the whole process so much easier. Shavers made specifically for men are designed with an ergonomic handle, which will make hard-to-reach places like your back easier to get to. 

4. Depilatory Cream

Your chest, back, and legs are all good candidates for depilatory hair removal cream. These usually get you 3-4 weeks of hairlessness and are relatively easy to use. Rub the cream into your hair on clear, dry skin, and wait the time indicated on the product’s instruction. During this, the cream will dissolve the hair keratin and releases it from the follicle. After that, you will need to wash it off and let it dry. The only thing you need to be careful about is buying the correct depilatory cream for your skin type. And don’t forget to do a little test patch to ensure it’s safe for your skin.

5. Wax

Similar to the epilators, waxing will leave you with smooth skin for many weeks. Besides the slower regrowth, the new body hair will be much finer and less prone to ingrowing. Waxing can also act as exfoliation of dead skin, so you will get two treatments in one. There are many types of waxes to soothe everyone’s needs, skin types, and pain tolerance. Because unfortunately, of all hair removal methods, this is the most painful one. If you have a low pain threshold, you can try organic sugar waxing or just take a painkiller.

Whether you decide to remove your body hair and how much you will remove is entirely up to you. Just remember, unkempt body hair can be a hindrance not only in your personal life but in your professional life as well. So even if you don’t want to cut it all off, there is no reason not to keep a polished, healthy-looking appearance. And you don’t even have to spend a fortune to achieve it. You only need to find the right product for you.

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