What To Do If Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Fast Charging Not Working?

Samsung Galaxy S7 is a smartphone that was launched in February 2016. This smartphone comes in the market with a touch screen display. Despite of this phone’s unique features, fast charging not working in S7 is a problem or you can say that Galaxy S7 not fast charging is an issue. Samsung users often ask questions to this smartphone’s technicians: How to turn on fast charging in S7?


What to Do If Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Fast Charging Not Working

First of all, ensure Galaxy S7 fast charging is not disabled. Go to your App (Application) folder, locate Battery, find Fast Charging, and make sure it is enabled. This is also a reply to the query: How to turn on fast charging S7? If the fast charging is still not working for you, then you will need to clear the cache of your phone. Make sure that you are using the original data cable and charger for your Galaxy S7 if you want fast charging to work for you.

Clearing the Cache is a Need If Your Galaxy S7 Not Fast Charging

Clearing the cache will only erase the temporary files created by the system and applications (apps) for fast processing. Here is a step by step guide to clear your phone’s cache:


Step 1: Turn off your Galaxy S7, and enter into Recovery menu.


Step 2: Simultaneously press volume up + home + power button, and keep them pressed until you see Android figure on your mobile screen.


Step 3: At this moment, you will be seeing a number of options on the screen. Use volume keys to navigate to “Wipe Cache Partition”, and use the power button to select it.


Step 4: Now the system will confirm if you actually want to wipe cache. Choose yes.


Step 5: You will see log on, the bottom of the screen. When clearing cache process has completed, you should select ‘Reboot System Now’ to restart your phone.


If your Samsung Galaxy S7 fast charging problem is still not resolved then you should ‘Factory Reset’ your phone.

Fast Charging Not Working S7 Edge After Software Update

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is an advanced version of Samsung Galaxy S7; however, this smartphone also comes with a problem i.e. ‘fast charging not working S7 Edge after software update’. Here is how you can fix that:

Make sure that charging port of your phone is without any dirt or debris. You can clean your phone deploying a can of compressed air. If the issue still exists, then you should follow the steps listed below:

  • Try utilizing a distinct charging cord to charge your phone. Ensure to check that this cord also works with other devices.
  • Try using a dissimilar wall charger. The charger should have an output rating of at least 2A (2 Ampere)

Go bravely for the ‘Factory Reset’ option by backing up your data if the problem stills persists in your phone.

Fast Cable Charging In Samsung S7 Sometimes Work And Sometimes Don’t?

It may be because of one of the following reasons:

  • More apps are running in the background, so your battery will be draining fast, and fast charging in Samsung S7 may not be working because of this.
  • Third-party apps may be causing the problem for you; if this is the case, then your device will properly charge only in ‘Safe Mode’.
  • You are not turning off your mobile phone to charge it quickly, as the phone that is, turn on requires more battery power.
  • Your phone’s cache may need clearance, so you should clear your phone’s cache if you want to fast charge your phone through the fast charging cable.


If the issues are still not resolved, then you will need to take your phone to the technician.



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