What’s a good laptop backpack that looks stylish even when I’m not carrying my laptop?

A sense of style is very difficult to achieve. The ability to be able to carry yourself well, takes a while to develop and comes after several mistakes. In fact, many people spend their entire life trying to achieve this sense and yet, fail miserably.

Backpacks and Fashion

Some people might even take being fashionable to mean that you wear only the most recent trends and have the most recent hair styles. No, that is not true. Being fashionable usually just means looking decent. Not too preppy, and not too sloppy, that is the rule.

A vital step towards achieving a sense of is the realization that it is not only what you wear and your general features, but also what you carry that contributes to you coming off as fashionable. So, from your head to your toe, your entire self be a part of your presentation; that is what you are giving people to look at. In this endeavor, not only your shoes and watches should go with your look, but also your backpack.

What They Get:

Most people, when they go to buy a laptop backpack, are very careful with their choice. They will make sure that the backpack is made up of sturdy material, that it has enough space, that there are enough compartments, that it can carry their laptop, and so on. However, very few people will actually consider the fact that their backpack has to be fashionable. They completely ignore that aspect and when later they have already bought their backpack, and head out with their laptop in it, they notice that neither does the backpack feel very good on their back, nor does it have an appeal to it. They then regret their decisions. This makes their life miserable since they have already spent enough money on the backpack.

What they Should Get:

It is important to have a fashionable backpack because it comes off as a part of you. When you do not take care of all that, your first impression may not be what you wanted it to be. This leads people to get the wrong idea about you and they decide to treat you differently based on what they infer from your appearance. This may be extremely problematic considering the fact that at several occasions, such as interviews or business meetings where your first impression will make all the difference.

So, if you need fashionable backpacks, you could visit gizmoist.com now and buy their Oxford 17-inch waterproof backpack which is one of the best looking backpacks in the market, and the waterproofing and anti-theft features can be add-ons. You could also get the Shell Shape Leather Backpack from gizmoist.com that is made out of genuine leather or the Anti-theft canvas backpack that has the best anti-theft features.

So, when you do go to pick a fashionable backpack, you should take care of all these features:

  • Comfort: When it comes to buying fashionable backpacks the most important factor is comfort. No matter how stylish your backpack, you simply cannot afford to lose your comfort for it. An uncomfortable backpack can lead to multiple back and shoulder injuries that will affect you seriously in the long-run. In addition, a comfortable backpack helps your posture and keeps you looking sharp and neat.
  • No sharp and tacky colors: If you ever want to get a fashionable backpack, you have to make sure that the color and design of the backpack is decent. If you ever go for a tacky design with dark vivid colors, you might be able to pull off a funky look, but not a decent, fashionable one. To pull off a great look, you need to make sure that the backpack has no tacky pictures, logos, quotes or colors.
  • Lean vs bulk: Having a bulky backpack does not make you look fashionable. It just looks peculiar and tiring. Instead, you should look for lean backpacks that give you a relaxed look instead of a tiring one. However, you should also make sure that you do not compromise on your needed space in favor of a lean look.


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