Does Lg G6 & G6 Plus Have Built-In Wireless Charging?

LG G6 wireless charging

One of the most sought after technology (Wireless charging) and therefore smartphone manufacturers have also entered the market of wireless charging by offering models that are fully compatible with the latest wireless technology.

LG G6 and G6 Plus

LG came up with its new models (G6 and G6 Plus) which have been in talks for their wireless charging.

Yes, G6 and G6 Plus support wireless charging. For the latter, its support for wireless charging may vary regionally.

To use the wireless charging in G6, the user just needs a QI wireless charging pad and then simply lay your G6 phone on the charging pad.

LG G6 and G6 Plus only support QI Wireless charging pad, if you buy the wrong charging pad (other than QI), it won’t charge G6 or G6 Plus. This means that most of the charging pads at hotels, restaurants won’t support G6 or G6 Plus, because they are PMA pads not QI.

The G6 and G6 Plus have a control unit and coil inside the back case that aligns with similar arrangements in the base charging unit. For the charge to function well, the coils must be aligned properly and closely as possible.

Tips to make wireless charging easier:

  • Avoid thick accessory case
  • Find the spot where alignment is maximum
  • Good quality power brick
  • Compactible QI device

How it Works:

The basic principle that lies in wireless charging is basics of current and magnetism. In simple terms, it’s the changing magnetic field which induces an electric current in another coil placed nearby.

Just two simple points:

  • Moving electrons create a magnetic field.
  • Wires placed in magnetic field exhibit voltage.

So, basically wireless charging works by sending current through a coil of wire which further creates a magnetic field. Similarly, a coil in the device gets induced with voltage and it’s finally directed into the battery.

instead of using a USB cable, phone owners can quickly lay G6 and G6 Plus on the wireless charging pad. The surfaces come in contact and starts charging, but still the pad used USB for power and to charge the phone.

Note: A USB wire connects the pad with the socket, it’s just that no USB connects phone with the pad.

Another important fact to consider is that wireless charging in LG G6 is much slower than ordinary wire/cable charging. Also the elimination of cables/wires allows clutter-free charging experience, which has increased the consumption levels.

Align point in G6 and G6 Plus is not the entire back area but only some part of it can be aligned, but once you get used to it, there won’t be any alignment issues.

Finally, users need to know that LG G6 and G6 Plus supports wireless charging, which charges the battery at slightly slower speed than most of USB chargers.

Only works with QI wireless chargers and accessories (easily available on Amazon).

Wireless charging in G6 and G6 Plus is safe, simple and easy to use. Align the pad and the smartphone and you’re all set.

Wireless charging is indeed beautiful and helpful, and some companies have made wireless charging pads for their employees.

Getting wireless charging is a strong bonus that G6 and G6 Plus offer its users, especially because of the non-removable batteries.

To sum it all up, all you need to know is that the LG G6 and G6 plus supports wireless charging. The wireless charging in LG G6 and G6 plus is at a regular speed which is slower compared to that of Samsung’s fast wireless charging pads. They (LG G6 and G6 plus) also works with QI Wireless Chargers only.

Albeit the US version of the G6, supports both Qi and PMA wireless charging. That is a big convenience to those with ready access to charging pads in their cars, offices, cafes, and homes.

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