Does Fast Charging Damage Batteries? Finally Answered!

Does fast charging damage batteries? Is this your query? Fast charging affects the battery life of batteries that are now currently in use in Electronics, Automobiles, and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). The faster you charge the battery, the lower their lives will be. The novel fast charging technology seems to be overlooking this due to the concept, Planned Obsolescence that means that life of a product is artificially limited.


Cell phones are changed every 2 to 3 years by cell phone users, so the concept of using a better battery is useless. In fact, it is not the speed of charging that degrades the battery, it is the heat that may build up affecting the battery life. The degradation is not noticeable if the temperature, while the battery is in charge, is below 40 Centigrade or 100 Fahrenheit.  


Does Fast Charging Damage Batteries S8?

The batteries used on Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones are Li (Lithium)-Ion batteries, and they are smaller, and these batteries behave differently when exposed to high currents. Li-Ion batteries are resistant to overheating. So, your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone is not affected in any way by the fast charging process, because the technology it uses is very advanced. This phones’ battery cool down right after you unplug the charger.


Does Fast Charging Damage Batteries S7?

Fast charging definitely heats up your Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone’s battery than regular charging. So, it certainly affects battery longevity. However, you should not be worried about it too much if you have a better version of this phone i.e. S8.


Does Fast Charging Damage Batteries S6 Edge?

In simple words, it can damage your battery. Fast charging damages battery, but it is not as much as people think. You are talking about the phone that people do not keep for more than 2 years, so battery is not a big issue. If you keep the battery within (20 to 80) %, then your smartphone battery will face the least amount of degradation. If you are using the extreme ends of the battery, then your battery will degrade faster than normal.  


Does Fast Charging Damage Batteries Note 4?

There is often complaint that battery life of the smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is very poor. However, this phone users can deal with the issue of poor battery life. Here is how to deal with this issue:


First of all, check the phone settings. If the screen brightness is at its maximum, then you should either try to adjust it to a lower set value or enable the automatic brightness feature. You should also check if any unnecessary services are running that may include Location, Wi-Fi (wireless-fidelity), and Mobile Data. You should turn these services off if you are not using them. Corrupt temporary data can also cause the problem with the battery. In that case, you should start your phone in recovery mode, and then wipe its cache partition. An application may also be causing the problem for you. So start your phone in ‘Safe Mode’, and find out the app (application) that is, causing the problem, then you should uninstall it


Does Fast Charging Damage Batteries iPhone X?

Fast charging your battery will inherently damage it; it is just the nature of the batteries. If the fast charging is the prime means of charging the battery, then it can cause stress to the battery. Frankly speaking, fast charging is not good for your iPhone X in terms of the damage that it cause to the battery.


What do you conclude from this article? Fast charging degrades the battery, so it is not always the recommended option to charge the battery.  


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