Do I need a battery case and are they any good?

Battery cases are one of the newest trends and inventions in the technological world. Battery cases are mostly used by iPhone users, because of the short battery life of iPhones. However, battery cases are available for almost all mobile these days. One of the biggest manufacturers of battery cases is Baseus.

Baseus was also the one to introduce battery cases in the first place in 2007. At that time, though, the battery cases were not that much of a success, but now they are. The battery cases are also much better alternatives for power banks because power banks are much more substantial than the battery cases and also require the uses of wires which makes them comparatively challenging to carry around.

Battery cases do not only provide your mobile phone’s battery with the charge when it needs it, but they also protect your mobile cover as protective cases. Battery cases come in distinct designs and colors now, so you also do not need to worry about losing the beauty of your mobile phone by hiding it in a cover. Some queries of many people regarding the battery cases are answered below:

Do I need a battery case?

There are several scenarios where battery cases can become lifesavers for people. If you are a working person and spend much of your time out of the office or the house, you would undoubtedly need a battery case, especially if you are an iPhone user.

Mobile phone’s charge can drain out too quickly, much faster than your imagination if you are using it regularly to make phone calls, browsing, cycling through applications and so on. Screen brightness affects the mobile phones’ battery the most, and if you work outdoors, you have to use your mobile phone on a high light which can drain the battery much faster than if you use it at low brightness.

 Moreover, if you are traveling somewhere, you need to have a battery case, power bank or an extra battery. Power banks are much massive and require to be used along with the wires which make them irksome to carry around. They also take much space in your luggage or your hand carry bag.

On the other hand, extra batteries are useless now for most of the mobile phones because these days, mobile phones have non-removable batteries, so you cannot change the battery unless you completely open the phone.

From where should I get a battery case?

There are thousands of battery cases available to be bought online on several websites, but if you are looking for durable and perfect quality battery case then you should visit here!

For how much time are battery cases good enough to last?

Battery cases come in various qualities and brands. Each brand has a different quality. Apple and Mophie are two of the best brands for battery cases available. Others are Joyroom and FoxGold etc.

An average battery case tends to last for around 500 charge cycles. 500 charge cycles mean that the battery case can charge a mobile phone from 0% to 100% 500 times. If you charge a mobile phone from 25% to 100%, it will not be counted as a complete cycle. So, an average battery case can charge mobile phones’ batteries for around 50,000%.

Are battery cases worth it?

Apple’s smart case is priced at US$99 while there are battery cases available on Gizmoist ranging from US$20 to US$150. There are even more expensive battery cases on other websites online. So, the question here is that whether these battery cases worth this much money or not?

Although these battery cases are expensive, most of them give you good value for your money. Apple’s US$99 smart case is one of the best quality battery cases available in the market, and it is incredibly safe for your iPhone and does not even make the warranty void; so, it is worth to spend $99 on it. But when you can find affordable and high quality battery cases here, why do you not spend so much!

Most of the expensive battery cases come with a warranty too, so you do not have to worry about them being damaged; your money will not go to waste.


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