Do Battery Cases From Other Manufactures Than Apple Ruin the Phone Battery?

Battery cases have become a must-have for most of the smartphone users these days, especially iPhone users because the iPhone’s battery life is too short while the charging time is too long. Battery cases are priced at a range of $15 to $150 which is quite expensive, but still cheaper than your iPhone. So, you certainly do not want your battery case to damage your much more expensive iPhone.

Do battery cases ruin the iPhone battery?

Well, they most certainly do if not used with proper care. Leaving your battery case intact with your iPhone and keeping it on all the time damages the iPhone battery the most, because there are chances that your iPhone might get overcharged and damage the battery.

Although there is a chip installed in your iPhone to protect it from such damage which stops the iPhone from consuming any more power when it is fully charged, this chip might malfunction and not prevent the iPhone from overcharging.

Adding to this, it is incredibly harmful to your iPhone battery when you charge your battery case and iPhone together with the case attached to the iPhone. When you charge your battery case and the iPhone together, the charger first charges the battery case which further charges the iPhone. This may lead to a low-quality charge or delayed charge, damaging your iPhone battery.

Do third party battery cases damage the iPhone 7 battery more than Apple’s smart battery cases?

Now, let’s get more specific in our findings. Apple’s smart battery case for iPhone 7 is manufactured by Apple itself and has many features which any other battery case does not (the claim). This battery case is priced at $99, much more expensive than third-party battery cases which are available at prices as low as $39. While Apple’s smart battery case’s quality is much better on paper than most of the third party battery cases, but the reality is different. The third party battery cases have much better quality and offer a wide variety of functions that help make your battery case your phone’s best friend.

Third party cases

Third party battery cases offer powerful charging with the right kind of voltage and power supply that does not damage or disrupt the phone’s internal mechanism.

Consistent power supply

Apple itself does not manufacture both of these types of battery cases, but the general assumption is that the cases which are manufactured by the third party are not good for the iPhone. However, none of them are harmful to the iPhone 7 because they are manufactured by other manufacturers who do know much about the iPhone’s internal technology, technicalities, and structures.

Many of these battery cases have a consistent power supply system, leading to a consistent supply of power while charging the iPhone, in contrast to popular opinion. The power doesn’t go up or down considerably and damage the battery or even explode it. The battery might also swell up if overcharged and this is possible with any charger.

Regulation of power

Moreover, most of these battery cases do have that chip installed in them which regulate the power being supplied to the iPhone. Apple’s smart battery case has this chip. This chip too stops the battery case from providing any more power to the iPhone when it is fully charged, to prevent it from overcharging.

Adding to this, many third party battery cases even offer an on/off button which means you can turn the battery cases off when you are not using them. Keeping the battery case on all the time damages your iPhone considerably.

Heat escape

Most of the battery cases other than Apple’s smart case are designed in two pieces which must be connected to use them. These battery cases are made of plastic or any other hard material which hardly impacts your iPhone’s body and do not trap much more heat inside it. The trapped heat can be extremely dangerous and can cause an explosion or fire.

Conclusively, battery cases from manufacturers other than Apple do not ruin the iPhone 7 battery, and but you should always choose the certified and known smart battery case over an unknown battery case.

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