Will Cup Design Car Charger Fit in my Car?

cup design car charger

The need to save time and multi-task, gave birth to power banks, battery cases, car chargers and so on. However, power banks and battery cases had some disadvantages which were overcome by car chargers later on: you need to carry power banks everywhere and they are too heavy and take too much space. Moreover, they require the use of wires, making their use an irksome job. Battery cases make the mobile phone look much thicker than it actually is, make the mobile heavier and they also heat up your mobile phone when it is charged with the battery case.

So, when you hear the term ‘car chargers’, you think about an electronic gadget that is attached to the car lighter port and is used to charge mobile phones via USB cables or integrated cables. Although these are the most common, efficient and easy to use car chargers, there are other types of car chargers too, including a cup designed car charger.

Ergonomic details of Car charger

A cup designed car charger is not actually in a cup shape, it is more like a glass. It is made either of metal or plastic and is round in shape, slimmer at bottom than the top. For charging, these cup designed car chargers are usually of two types. The first one is the one which has USB ports above them and you can use them just like a power bank. The USB cable can be plugged in the USB port above it and can be used to charge the mobile phones through them. The charger can have more than one USB port, making it possible for you to charge more than one device at the same time.

The other type of car charger is the one which uses wireless charging technique to charge the mobile phones. ‘Car Cup Holder Phone Charging Dock for QI-Compatible Smart Phones’ is available on Gizmoist.com for just $39 (during sale, while this is being written). As mentioned, the wireless charging part of this type of charger is only useful for those people who have to charge a phone that is compatible with Qi wireless charging. This car charger also has an additional USB port on it,along with the wireless charging capability, for those mobile phones that are not compatible with wireless charging. This port is of 5 Volts and 2.4 Amperes. Moreover, the holder has interior built-in protection to protect your mobile phone from scratches and other damage. The charger also has LED lights on its top to notify when is the cup charger being charged and when is it being used to charge other devices. The charger also has protection against short circuit, overheating and overvoltage.

These cup designed car chargers can be provided with power in multiple ways. First, they can be charged simply using wall socket chargers. Secondly, they can be charged using another car charger which connects to the car’s lighter port. Third, the cup designed car charger might have an integrated charging cable which might be connected either to a wall socket or a car’s lighter port. Last, but not the least, some of these chargers might not be the ones to be charged at all. They might run directly on electricity and have integrated wires with power adaptors to be connected to the car’s lighter port.

Besides the charger, the cup also has some empty space to carry things like keys, pens, glasses and so on.

Will it fit?

Most of the cars have cup holders, either on the doors, below dashboards or somewhere near the gear. All these cup holders are round in shape, designed in a way that a cup fits in appropriately without falling. So, the cup designed car chargers fit in most any car except the ones that are of very old models and do not have a cup holder.

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