Conversion Solutions: How to Save PDF to PDF/A for Long-Term Data Archiving

PDF documents can save you a lot of time when it comes to filing management. The primary reason is the ease with which you can access these documents on whichever device you possess. When completing online activities, you can quickly upload PDFs to any website. You can also forward the files in your regular emails without fear of technical difficulties.

The only slight disadvantage is that you may need to convert PDF files to PDF/A format if you wish to use them for future reference or retain them for a long time. Fortunately, a robust website will lead you through each stage of the process clearly and concisely. So, if you ever need to convert a PDF file to a PDF/A format, PDFBear makes the process simple.

The Advantages of Using PDF/A for Long-Term Data Archiving

So, what exactly is the purpose of PDF/A? PDF/A is a PDF format version that ensures that a file is replicable in a similar manner regardless of the software used to create it. Essentially, all of the necessary information to display the document’s contents, in the same way, is integrated within the file, guaranteeing that your data remain readable and safe throughout time.

Additionally, when you convert PDF to PDFA, the resulting file retains the original document’s layout. Each page of the source file appears as a single page in the preservation file. In both files, the same fonts are used. You can also search the PDF/A text in the same way you would in the original. If the content is colored, the color is preserved and remains intact.

How to Perform a PDF To PDF/A Conversion Process in PDFBear

PDF/A is an ISO-standardized version made into existence for long-term preservation and electronic document archiving. You may convert PDF to PDF/A using PDFBear and ensure that you can view your document file exactly as you created it, with no changes. For you to convert a PDF file to PDF/A using PDFBear, there are simply four steps to follow:

  1. The file must be on the converter tool’s server before it can begin the procedure. To do so, click the “Select a File” option and then upload the PDF copies. If you are working on a laptop or computer, dragging and dropping the document into the toolbox is the more convenient alternative.
  2. Following the successful submission of the copy, a list of compliance levels will appear. Only one option is available to you. If you don’t know what these levels are about, don’t worry. The webpage explains what each of these terms signifies.
  3. Depending on the file size and the strength and stability of your internet connection, converting the PDF to PDF/A will only take a few minutes at most. The conversion procedure will be complete once the converted file displays on your screen.
  4. It only takes a few moments to complete the conversion. When finished, you will have a neatly formatted PDF/A file document. You can now download it through the generated link provided. You can also tweak it to suit your preferences and then store it on your various file storage.

Maintains Data Security and Privacy

PDFBear does an excellent job at protecting all of the data included in the transmitted files. The platform’s usage of 256-bit SSL encryption technology ensures consumers that the server will not enable any type of data leak. In addition, it has a robust security mechanism that deletes files an hour after they are uploaded to the website.

Furthermore, the solid high-security measure ensures that unauthorized individuals will not have access to your files. You no longer have to worry about the security of any of your documents now that you know this.

Excellent Conversion Outputs

It’s unavoidable that the quality of your files suffers during the conversion and editing process. However, with PDFBear, you can rest assured that the website will always maintain the quality and integrity of your files. It can convert your PDFs to PDF/A format, preserving the file’s original quality while preserving its features, including structure and layout.


As previously stated, PDF/A is an improved version of PDF that is based on ISO standards. Both are reliable document formats, but PDF/A provides greater security and ensures that a file remains accessible for a more extended period. Any file conversion is made easier with online converters like PDFBear. Users can convert their files into this format in four easy steps.

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