Can I Charge My Phone When the Car is Off?


The utility that car chargers provide is of immense importance. People can save their time as they do not have to sit and wait for their mobile phones to charge before going out; they can go out and charge their mobile phone during commute using these car chargers. This way, users not only get their time saved, but they also get around the problems of other alternatives such as power banks and battery cases.

Car off, charger still on?

The power banks are too heavy, take up much space and require the usage of wires while the battery cases make the mobile look thicker, makes it more cumbersome and is the primary reason of the heating up of mobile while charging because the heat gets trapped when the battery case and mobile phone are charged together.

Anyways, as we all know, human nature is subject to never-ending greed; we always want to have something better than we already do, no matter how good a thing we possess. The same nature gave birth to multiple ports car chargers because people wanted to charge more than one device at the same time. Now, one might ask, “how can I charge my phone when the car is off?” This can potentially be when people have to wait for a long time in the car and keeping the car on would consume fuel and would drain the battery.

Charging intricacies

This is to be noted that if you charge your phone using a car charger when the car is off, it would seriously harm your battery by drainage. On top of that, if the car is of an ancient model, the battery might even get drained entirely in a few hours if you use the services of the battery without getting the engine started.

However, not all people respond to threats cautiously and would still want to use the charger while the car is off. Here are some ways for those people to get what they want.

Types of circuits for car charging

There are generally two types of circuits in a car: switched circuits and constant circuits. Switched circuits are those which can only be used after the car is turned on no matter if the engine is off (accessibility mode) while constant circuits are those which can be used even when the car is off, and keys are not connected. The latter is connected to the car’s battery directly.

Most of the cars these days have switched circuits for everything except the headlights and locks. This means the lighter port would turn off when the car is turned off. You can get around this by changing the switched circuits into the regular ones or ask a trusted mechanic to do so. However, doing such things with your car’s wirings is dangerous just like charging your phone through the car charger is, while your car is off. So, none of it is recommended.

An alternate method!

Another solution can be to use a completely different battery for your charger. This seems odd and is, but let’s ponder over it a bit more. If you can detach the wiring of the lighter port from the main battery and attach it to another external battery and keep that battery under the dashboard somewhere, this can help you a lot.

However, the question here arises about the issue of charging that external battery. So, the external battery can either be manually charged using chargers which would require a lot of time and effort or it can be connected to the main battery in such a way that it only charges when the car is on, and the engine is running.

Another way to provide that battery with power is by the ‘AAA’ batteries, rechargeable or non-rechargeable. This option of a second battery is much, much better, safer and efficient than the option to turn your switched circuit into a constant circuit because playing with car’s wires like that can even cost you your entire car.

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