3 Reasons Why Your Car Charger is Heating up the Phone

3 Reasons Why Your Car Charger is Heating up the Phone

Car chargers have been an integral part of charging family since so long that they were even available when smartphones were not yet introduced. However, USB car chargers are something new and extremely useful in the current era.

People these days are so busy that they do not have time to wait for their mobile phones to charge through a wall socket. This business gave birth to power banks and battery cases, both of which withered away along with time due to their drawbacks: power banks were massive, took too much space, and required the usage of wires while battery cases made the mobile look thick, made them more cumbersome and heated the mobile phone when the battery case and the mobile phone were charged together. If your car charger makes phone hot then you need to consider the following things.

Car chargers heating things up

However, as much as the car chargers help with multi-tasking and time saving, they also come with some strings attached and drawbacks. They might cause harm to your car’s battery or drain them considerably. Moreover, they might cause short circuits, overheating or overvoltage if the current flow is not consistent.

If the plastic of the charger is not of good quality, the plastic might melt and start a fire. Adding to this, there are several complaints where car charger makes phone hot and here, we will primarily be discussing this problem in detail and will try to get deep into its core reasons.

Trapped Heat and possible implications

Heat is hazardous if not allowed to escape. Trapped heat can cause fire, explosions or severe damage to mobile’s battery or even car’s battery, in case of a short circuit. Cases on mobile phones do precisely what’s extremely dangerous and prohibited; they prevent the heat caused by charging the mobile phones from escaping. This is the primary reason why your mobile phones get hot while charging, no matter if it is a wall socket charger, a car charger, a power bank or a battery case charging your phone. So, you should take off your mobile phone’s case at least when it is charging.

The issue with low-quality charger!

If you are using a low-quality car charger, the charger would not be able to control the current flow, and the mobile phone might be getting a high amount of current making it more heated up than usual. In this case, your mobile phone and your car battery are most vulnerable to damage, because a low-quality car charger can cause short circuits or over-heating. Replacing the car charger with a better one is always the best option in this case.

Using the phone while charging!

The heating up of the mobile phone while charging depends upon its use too. When the mobile phone is consistently being used while being charged, it might get hot. The reason being that the mobile phone is using a lot more power in accommodating multiple operations.

The simultaneous use and charging of mobile phone makes it hot because the power is getting in and being used at the same time. Moreover, when you are using your mobile phone while it is being charged, it charges slower and takes longer to get fully charged. Therefore, the fact that the mobile phone is plugged into charging for so long makes the mobile phone hot too. So, you should try to resist using your mobile phone when it is being charged.

Sunlight may also be heating your phone!

Another possible reason for the mobile phone is getting hot while being charged in the car might be the sunlight. The sunlight passing through the windscreen of the car heats up the dashboard and other parts of the car.

It can also possibly heat the mobile phone because the lighter port, where the charger plugs in, is either on the dashboard or just below the dashboard. If this is the case, you can change the place where you keep your mobile phone in the car while it is being charged. Although the heating up because the sunlight is not that dangerous, caring is always good.

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