Are canvas backpacks good for hiking?

Only a little introspection about your daily schedule will make you realize how important your backpack is for you. Just a little thought about your school, college and university life will get you wondering what you would have done without your backpacks.

Going to class every day, carrying so many books and stationery and devices could have just driven you crazy. Not only just books and stationery. Remember the time you had to carry your sporting equipment with you? How difficult would it have been to move around without a backpack carrying all that stuff?

The use of your backpacks was not just restricted to your school, however. There was so much more. For instance, the times you had sleepover at your friend’s house, you used your backpack to carry all your clothes; the times you had to go to a tournament and carry a pair of clothes, your backpack helped you. Now that you have revisited all those times in your past, would you dispute the versatility of a backpack?

Canvas Backpacks

Canvas backpacks are one of the many types of backpacks and one of the most famous ones too. The backpacks are so called because of the material that they are made out of, which is canvas cotton. Canvas is a rough, heavy and durable material that does not tear easily. The material has a very rugged look and gives the backpacks a very vintage look. Canvas backpacks may sometimes also be called rucksacks because of their look.

The look of canvas backpacks is its main attraction and is very unique. Many people love to own the vintage luxury of a canvas backpack, that gives them a rugged look. Where normal backpacks are designed to look lean and clean, canvas backpacks have a specially designed bulky and dark look that gives its carrier a special charm.

Are Canvas Backpacks good for hiking?

Canvas Backpacks have been in use for quite some time now. The design on canvas backpacks was considered to be so good that newer backpacks were made on the same design, but a lighter fabric. Regardless to say that the fabric used could not reach up to the expectations of a traditional backpack, and even the design (what the manufacturers really went after) was mediocre because of the lack of finishing that canvas provided.

Canvas backpacks were initially used and perhaps even designed for taking on expeditions. The rough material prevented any tears while travelling and the texture of the material made it easy to waterproof it (even if it meant rubbing beeswax on it manually).

In addition, several pockets in the backpack kept your belongings neatly organized while the strong canvas made it possible to store lots and lots of stuff in the backpack. Newer canvas backpacks even had separate pockets for laptops which gave the canvas backpacks both a traditional elegance and all the complexity of a modern carrier.

Considerations for hiking

Having stated all those features of canvas backpacks, it might seem that a canvas backpack is perfect for any sort of travel. It might seem that the rough and strong material that canvas is, makes it the perfect candidate to be used in hiking backpacks. However, that is not the case. It might be true that canvas backpacks were once used for hiking as well as backpacking trips. It became apparent with time that canvas backpacks were not meant for this sort (hiking) of expeditions.

The chief reason for the unsuitability of canvas backpacks for hiking is that canvas is inherently a very heavy material. Consequently, backpacks made out of canvas are pretty heavy themselves. While hiking, you cannot afford to get tired by carrying backpacks that is itself pretty heavy.

Moreover, the development of better material for backpacks has meant that the weight of backpacks has been reduced considerably. The Anti Theft Canvas Backpack with USB charging port at is one of the most modern and well equipped canvas backpack, with anti-theft features and water proofing that you could buy. You could also get the Canvas Backpack for men and women that is just as good on style and anti theft features.


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