Can you charge IPhone with an IPad Charger?

Normally, iPhones come with a 5-Watt charger that is rated to handle 1 amperage. However, it takes a lot of time to charge phone using conventional charger.  So users always come up with a query: can you charge iPhone with iPad charger? Well, if you want to speed up the process, you can use Apple power adapter of 12W and a connecting USB cable 10W.

An iPad charger also provide similar range of voltage that is suitable for charging iPhones. Nevertheless, users also wonder if it is bad to charge iPhone with an iPad charger. So, here we have listed down few benefits of using an iPad charger instead of original iPhone charger.

Debunking the Myths:

The major benefit of using an iPad adapter to charge your iPhone is fast charging as the conventional 5W adapter takes hours to power up the battery. This helps in saving your time as well as you do not need to keep your device plugged-in to the charger for longer period of time.

1.However, few believe that charging phone at a rapid speed can damage the battery as high voltage can heat up the device thus affecting the longevity of battery life.

Let’s burst the myth – the adapter that is packed with iPhones or iPads is not basically a charger but a power supply device. The charger is actually built inside the phone or tablet which is responsible for regulating the current to the device. So even a 12 watt/2.1 amp adapter will provide almost the same amount of current to the phone that a 5 watt/1 amp adapter. Now with this knowledge you can be assured that the battery will not be damaged if charged with an iPad adapter.

2.It is also believed that the rapid charging of Li-Ions battery in iPhone 6/s or iPhone 6/s Plus can reduce the life span of the battery.

Well, this is not true. A study by Stanford University showed that the negative impact of fast charging on Li-ions battery is negligible which ensures that it no way affects the lifespan of the battery. However, batteries of the predecessors will have no effect of rapid charging as they are designed in such a way that they cannot gain any benefit from a higher output adapter as they won’t charge any faster.

3.Using iPad adapters for iPhones will reduce the charging time to half.

This is somewhat true but not entirely correct as iPad chargers tend to speed up the charging process but still this doesn’t reduce half of the charging time. For initial charging, that is battery having less than 70% charge, the battery will take almost 50% less time as it requires 1.5 amp current for which iPad chargers are sufficient. However, above 80%, the rate of charging slows down as the battery will now require only 1 amp current to reach 100%. This shows that for initial charging the time is reduced to half but once you reached 80%, the battery will take the same amount of time; be it a 5W/ 1 amp adapter or 12W/2.1 amp.

Now the question remains, why Apple doesn’t ship 12W charger with iPhone if it is compatible. Well, there could be numerous reasons but what we think is that 5W chargers are lighter on budget when it comes to manufacturing them. Secondly, 12 W charger do have an insignificant amount of negative impact on battery’s life so they want to play it safe. From the study by Stanford University and claims by prominent engineers, we can simply deduce that it is highly safe to use iPad chargers to charge any of your iPhones.

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