Can car charger ruin iPhone battery?

Whether you are traveling long distance or en route to your daily trips, a low charged phone can spell disaster for you as it can prevent you from contacting someone in emergency situation. Plugging-in your phone to a port seems to be an instant solution to your problem. But charging your phone on the go all the time is a really bad choice as it can ruin the battery’s life.

The conventional adapter and lightning cable is the safest and unswerving mode of charging iPhones. The 5V adapter provides ample amount of current which is regulated through lightning cable to efficiently charge your phone.

Choosing the wireless pad to charge your phone is not a preferred choice as well on regular basis as it doesn’t allow your phone to calibrate. So, be it wired car chargers connected to cigarette lighter holes /USB port or wireless chargers, your phone’s battery is at risk.

Let’s explore how car charger can damage the iPhone battery:

  • When using low quality car chargers:

Cheap third-party car chargers that are purchased just for their low price are a bad decision because your phone’s battery pays a huge cost for it. They cannot regulate any voltage fluctuation from the car battery and as the result the battery or your IPhone on the whole may suffer. Car chargers can ruin iPhone’s battery as well as deplete car’s battery by excessively stressing it for more power. It is much better, if you choose an MFI certified or Apple approved cable to charge your phone in the car.

These wires usually have an in-built smart chip to regulate the transmission of voltage to your phone. Belkin car chargers are the safest for plugging-in your phone while on the go. If you are looking for a wireless solution to charge your phone in the car then you can either buy AirPower wireless receiver pad or Samsung S8 charging pad (a cheaper solution which is highly compatible with Apple smart phones). You can get yourself an anti-slip charging mat to avoid any friction or slippage while charging the phone. However, again it is not a regular choice for charging iPhones as it can destroy phone’s battery in the longer run.  

  • When current fluctuates:

Usually your car USB ports provide less voltage than your iPhone requires for charging.  This can in turn, cause your phone not to charge at all and rather further drain your battery power. The car charging is typically so slow that your phone barely charges during a 1 hour commute.

Moreover, if your car charger is plugged-in to the cigarette lighter hole then there are high chance or overcharging and overheating your phone. A lighter hole can provide 10 amps of current whereas your charger requires only 1-3 amps. The car chargers are unable to regulate the sudden spikes of current thus providing your phone with extra energy than can overheat/overcharge the battery, damaging your device.

  • Using USB port of older model cars:

Charging phone when the engine is off meanwhile using other car accessories such as radio or media player can strain your car’s battery too. Doing so will let your device draw power from car’s battery which might not be a big problem for new car users as they have bigger and healthier engines. But if you have an older model car then you would want to avoid charging your phone in the car.

  • Keeping IPhones in a heated car:

Overheating provided by continuous plugging in the USB port of the car coupled with the glaring sun rays car can lead to damaged battery. This can also destroy the fuse of your car charger as well.

So keeping all the cons in mind it is highly preferable to wait and plug in your iPhone to a wall socket to charge your phone without damaging the battery.

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