How to pack a lighter camping backpack?

How to pack a lighter camping backpack?

Camping is a fun task to do. Isn’t it? One can go with friends or family to a beautiful place far away from the hassle of the cities and camp along the countryside with a picturesque view of the night sky. However, one must go prepared for camping, because the chances of a shop available on such places are extremely few or non-existent.

Tents and sleeping bags must be taken beforehand to be safe from the trouble of not getting good sleep while camping. Now, to take this much stuff, a person needs a big backpack, and with all this stuff in it, the backpack would get extremely heavy. No one wants to carry heavy backpacks, so here we will be discussing the tips and tricks of packing lighter camping backpacks.

What to carry and what not!

First of all, you need to take just the items that are extremely compulsory. Nothing that is not necessary is to be taken.

  • Moreover, you do not need to take fully filled toothpaste and sunscreens. You can take a bit of both out of their tubes and place them in smaller containers or a single container that has different compartments in it.
  • Food items must also be removed from their boxes and placed in plastic bags. This would reduce the weight of your backpack considerably and less space would be taken up too.
  • You do not need to take tents with poles attached to them. You can use trekking and ski equipment or wood sticks from the area as poles.
  • Adding to this, you must not take many clothes with you, because you will probably be going for two to three days and taking one pair would be more than enough because you can repeat one pair.
  • Same goes with the footwear; you do not need to take many pairs of shoes. You can just go with the single pair that you are wearing or take one extra pair in case of emergency.
  • Taking an extra coat or jacket is utterly useless, because you can just wear the one you are already wearing for all the days.
  • If you think taking a good book at campsite to read is a great idea, you might be wrong, because books are heavy, and take up much space in your backpacks. Taking guidebooks is also a bad idea. A great alternative if you really want to read a book is to download eBooks or take pictures of the pages you want to read from your mobile phone.
  • Another way to lighten the backpack is to remove the power bank from it. Although the power bank is extremely useful and a necessity for most of the people these days, it takes up much space in the power bank and increases the weight of your backpack considerably.

Now, to get around this problem, has several backpacks available which have all the utilities that are required in a hiking bag and have a solar panel to give your cell phones the power to charge. These backpacks include ‘Solar Powered Backpack’, ‘Baibu Solar Backpack’ and ‘Cycling Backpack with Solar USB Charging’. The solar backpacks are environmentally friendly and save the space and weight of a power bank too.

Things your backpack need to have!

Water bottles increase the weight of your backpacks considerably, but they are necessary to remain hydrated and cannot be eliminated from the luggage. To get around this problem, the ‘Cycling Backpack with Solar USB Charging’ at has a water bag in it with a capacity of 2 liters.

Adding to this, the backpack itself must also be light to decrease the weight of the entire luggage. Now, has several light weight backpacks available including ‘Anti-Theft Waterproof Crossbody Messenger Backpack’, ‘Laptop Backpack with USB Charging’, ‘Anti-Theft Canvas Backpack’, ‘Cycling Backpack with Solar USB Charging’. All these bags offer great utility and are available at reasonable prices.

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