What is the best backpack for frequent international travel?

Backpacking is a rapidly growing trend. It involves the tourist carrying only one piece of luggage (a backpack, of course) which includes anything and everything that the tourist can hope to use throughout the tour. The principle reason for such a mode of travelling to be taking root is that backpacking minimizes cost. This cost may not only mean the amount you save on luggage at an airport, but also the amount you save by following the ideology behind the concept of backpacking.

Minimalism and Costs

Backpacking stems from the idea of minimalism. If you really pay attention to the idea, you will understand what it calls for and how it can help you save money on your tours. The ideology calls for minimal spending. Not in a generic sense, though. Minimal spending in the sense that you do not buy anything just for the appeal of it, but for its use. If you believe that without a particular product, you cannot reach your full potential, you should definitely buy it. However, if there is even a shadow of doubt about its effectiveness in your life, then you are better off without it.

This concept, when applied to your traveling habits urges you to not spend huge amounts of money on expensive accommodation and over-priced mementoes. For instance, as a part of living on the bare minimum, you are expected to get a sleeping bag to sleep in instead of paying for a room in the hotel, you will be expected to shop at a dollar store for your shoes instead of some expensive brand. Of course there are no hard and fast rules, and the degree of your compliance depends upon your comfort zone.

What Makes a Backpack the Best?

The first thing that you do need for backpacking is a great backpack (surprise, surprise), and when shopping for the best backpack, you should know that you need to look at the absolutely right place and gizmoist.com is the perfect place to get the perfect backpack at perfect prices. The variety at Gizmoist such as the Solar backpack or Anti Theft Canvas Backpacks are the characterization of the best backpacks with extremely durable fabrics, usb charging, padded interiors and great color choice.

So, look for these features to get the best backpack:

  • Space: Since everything you want to take has to fit into just one place, you will be better off getting the biggest backpack that you can carry. Even if you feel that you do not want to take as much stuff, having spare space is always a good thing.
  • Padding: If you want to carry your electronic devices with you, it is imperative that you get a backpack with lots and lots of padding. This padding will be the difference between your device getting damaged and you making the most of it during your tour.
  • Wide Shoulder Straps: When you want to carry so much on your shoulders, you should know that wide shoulder straps will minimize any risk of injuries. It might also be recommended that the straps be padded, so as not to dig into your shoulders.
  • Frame: The best traveling backpack will always have a light frame. The concept behind this is that lighter the frame, the lighter the bag itself. Carbon fiber is one of the many materials that despite of being light, are extremely strong. So, look for a carbon fiber frame in your backpack.
  • Anti-theft features: Anti-theft backpacks are a relatively new kind of backpacks. The best backpacks with anti-theft features will usually have RFID blocking to prevent anyone to tap into your credit cards with frequencies, will be made of slash-safe material to prevent anyone from cutting into your backpack, hidden zippers to prevent any funny business from behind while you walk, and cut safe straps to prevent cut and run backpack incident. Anti-theft features prevent you the trouble of losing your belongings in foreign land.
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