What should the most basic hiking backpack contain and for how many days/weeks could you hike for?

Hiking without backpacks is nearly impossible because you need to carry so much stuff and it cannot be held in hands. Moreover, backpacks keep your stuff safe and organized. You can keep different things in different pockets so that you just take out that particular things instead of all the stuff.

Adding to this, when you carry your stuff on shoulders, it feels lighter than if you carry it in hands, and weight plays an important role during hiking. If you carry heavy weights on your back, you will not be able to walk much without getting exhausted and tired.

Hiking and your backpack

While on a hike, you require several things which you need to have with you beforehand, because you will not be able to buy them while hiking. We will discuss here what should a basic hiking backpack contain so that the backpack does not even get too heavy and the essentials are present in it at the same time.


First of all, you need to carry water with you so that you remain hydrated while walking. A single water bottle will not be enough, so more should be carried. Gizmoist.com solved this problem in a stylish manner by introducing its ‘Cycling Backpack with Solar USB Charging’ which has a water bag in it with a capacity of 2 liters. The water bag’s straw can be used via its shoulder strap, so you do not need to worry about taking the water bottle out again and again.


The next most important thing you need to carry while hiking is the food. Only that food should be carried which is easy to cook or ready to eat, because you will not have cooking facilities while hiking. Moreover, Food in boxes can be removed and placed in plastic bags so that it gets easy to carry.

Food must be kept in a separate compartment of the bag so that if it spills, other things do not get dirty. ‘New Oxford Swiss 17-inch Waterproof Travel Rucksack’ at Gizmoist.com has 6 external pockets and several internal ones to keep your stuff organized. You can keep your food separate and safe in one of the pockets of this bag.


Clothing appropriate for the weather and appropriate shoes must also be kept in case they are needed. The clothes you are wearing can get dirty or wet due to rain so you need to carry an extra pair or two. Moreover, that extra clothing needs to be protected from getting wet and dirty. ‘Sports Gym Bag and Backpack’ and many others at Gizmoist.com can protect your stuff from getting wet because it is waterproof, and the water would get on the bag’s surface, but will not go in.


Another most important thing is to carry a power bank with you to charge your mobile phones. Now, power banks can be heavy to carry, so ‘Solar Powered Backpack’ at Gizmoist.com can help you here as it has a solar panel to help you with charging without a power bank. Moreover, it has an external USB charging port, so you can use you phone while it is being charged.

Other accessories

Other things that also need to be carried in a basic hiking backpack are map, first aid kit, torch, sunglasses, cap, tent (if hiking for several days), matchsticks, knife and so on. Of all these things, the first aid kit can be said to be the most important thing.

There are no strict criteria on how much time you can hike for, because everyone has different capabilities. If someone is stronger than the other, he/she can hike for more time. However, the place you are going for hiking says a lot about how long you can hike for, because some places are tougher to travel than the others. Adding to this, a person’s will plays an important role too. If he/she wants to hike more, they can, but if the do not want to, there will be a thousand excuses.

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