How do I pack a backpack for a month’s travel and not exceed the 8kg carry-on limit?

No matter what everyone says about the rejuvenating qualities of travel and how important it is to explore the world, you cannot deny that travel is exhausting. There is just so much that you have to do and so much that you have to pack and so much to carry, you just start losing your mind over every small thing.

On trips like these, it is always advised that one always keep a list at hand. However, when we talk about people backpacking around the world, the list should become smaller and smaller or you might not even need it, since you only have to take a backpack carry-on with you and nothing more.

Pack the sensible way!

The Anti Theft Canvas Backpack at is an amazing choice for a backpack carry on. The backpack is not only waterproof but has padded and dedicated pockets for your laptops or cameras and has a USB charging port to keep you connected on the go. The anti-theft features on this backpack are also commendable, but you can also get their Anti-theft Canvas Backpack for its great anti theft features and great look with dedicated pockets.


Nevertheless, backpacks may ease up things in that department, they complicate things in the packing department. How do you decide what to take and what not to take? How do you put so much in just one bag and still avoid the 8kg carry-on limit? Well, here are some tips and tricks that will help you pack everything in under 8kg:

1.    To Take or Not to Take?

For a backpacker, the most important decision is to decide whether to take something or not. Usually this will involve hours of going over the same stuff over and over again with no guarantee of perfect backpack carry-on. So, an underlying rule for packing is that until or unless something is absolutely necessary, you do not need to put it in your backpack carry-on. This implies that if there are any ifs or buts attached to your intention of using an item, you do not need it.

Moreover, it is exceedingly difficult to pack as a girl because of all the makeup and hair accessories that you need to take with you. Do not make the mistake of packing all of that stuff. You do not need to get any of it, especially the hair straighteners and the blow dryers. As a tourist, your natural hair and face will do for any event that you wish to attend.

2.    Wearing or Carrying?

When it comes to jackets and gloves and neck pillows, you cannot waste your storage space on these things. If you need a jacket, wear it on the airport. Besides the air conditioners are all amped up at the airport and you will not feel hot. Same goes for neck pillows and gloves and mufflers; do not waste your space on these trivial items. If you put all the useless stuff in your Solar powered 15.6-inch backpack from how would you have space to carry all the souvenirs even if the backpack has so much space.

3.    Shoes and Sandals

Shoes and Sandals cause the most distress. Not only do they take up so much space, they are also heavy and you can never decide which ones to take. Well, since backpacking is all about sacrifice and minimalism, you pick just one pair of shoes that you want to take with you and one pair of slippers (slippers are also extravagant, cut down on slippers if you can). After you are done picking a pair, you wear it instead of packing it.

4.    Shopping Locally

Most of the items that you need, such as soaps, face wash, conditioners are shampoo will be available in flights and in hotel rooms, so you do not especially need to pack for them. If they are not, you could just visit a local dollar store and grab everything you need at very cheap prices. Instead, you can save that space and pack other essentials.


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