Awesome Office Solutions That Save Time And Money

An efficiently run office is one that works to improve operations – for the management, employees, and of course, the customers. When teams work to help the office environment run more smoothly, business growth and employee wellbeing are exponential.

The first – and often most important aspect in your business to tackle – is the productivity of staff. What is awesome is that even the most basic office solutions, like office accessories, furniture and supplies can be crucial to your employees’ satisfaction. Various solutions can simplify a task, increase the rate at which tasks are completed, and even carry out tasks. This reduces labor time spent on that task, frees up more time for your employees to do more important work, and in this way, decreases stress levels overall.

What is fantastic is that you are searching for different office solutions, and these suggestions are sure to help you create a better, more optimized environment at the office! Take a look. 

Ergonomic chairs

Does anyone in your team ever complain about their comfort at work? You may be finding that your employees look lethargic in their chairs, slouching back into their seats with no support for their lower back, neck, and hips. It is time to consider ergonomic chairs.

Providing lumbar support, a suitable backrest, and adjustable heights of armrests, ergonomic chairs are hugely beneficial to the wellbeing of your employees. If this improves, staff are more likely to be more focused at work, optimizing productivity and saving you time overall. Ergonomic products in general are important to investigate for yourself and the office environment, as any office solution that can boost employee wellness is worth it in the long run. 

Franking machine

If your company sends any mail, no matter how small your business, it is worth looking into franking machines. Designed first in 1884, almost the last 100 years have been an industry dominated by francotyp postalia (FP) in Germany. This reliable and essential piece of equipment enables you to bring posting in-house. 

Franking primarily stamps your mail, including parcels, via an indicia print instead of a traditional stamp. It is reported that franking machines can reduce the cost of posting by more than 30%. This is in addition to the time saved and the labor costs of visiting the post office, buying stamps, and processing these packages.

Furthermore, Royal Mail-endorsed franking suppliers also benefit from great discounts. And if this couldn’t get better, the stamping of your mail also provides you a chance to print your logo or professional logo on the packaging. With free advertising on each mail and a list full of benefits, franking machines are an underrated office solution that is easy to get your hands on! 

Laptop stand

A simple, yet extremely effective solution to the reality of long days in the office. Nowadays, it is crucial that the office lifestyle complements employee wellbeing. It is miserable to have a staff member who is physically uncomfortable being there and it really would impact productivity for everyone to look into laptop stands at the office.

Due to the correct angle the stand provides for your laptop, the ergonomic office solution will relieve neck strain and stress-reducing headaches and stress. Over time, this will improve employee satisfaction and enhance the notion that your business cares about staff health and happiness. 


In the age of remote working, you may find your company not having returned to the office. Communication may have strained somewhat, and along with that, productivity. If you’ve been wondering if there is an office solution for your digital challenge? We hope you’ve heard of Slack!

Slack is a communication software that has revolutionized team spaces. Allowing designated channels for different projects or task groups, Slack provides a platform for instant communication. This company was born out of foresight that such a tool would transform employee and management communication, and this is why it makes the list of an essential office solution for your business!

There are an inordinate amount of office solutions, and definitely, an aspect of the work environment that should be enhanced whenever possible. If the productivity, health, and happiness of yourself and your colleagues are valued in the office, success will follow. Time and money saved with simple solutions can have a drastic impact on your business outcomes, so keep searching for ways in which your office can run more smoothly.

You could also invite your team to help brainstorm any ideas of office solutions that would help optimize their workflow. This would lead your entire staff to be more enthusiastic in the office and feel more respected in the workplace, a true win-win!

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