Are car chargers safe for IPhones?

The use of car chargers has become a growing need for the users especially for those who spend quite a long time in travelling to work or going for long trips. A sudden low battery fosters a near heart attack like situation and therefore car chargers are a good alternatives to breathe life in the phones so that there isn’t any kind of halt in users cell phones related activities.

While considering car charging options as the savior of the situation can also give rise to the query one might ask: are car chargers safe for iPhone? Well, the answer is no alternatives other than regular wall adapter and a USB charging cable is not a reliable source for charging iPhones.  Solutions such as car chargers can be employed when you are in dire need of charging the phone. Make it a habitual mode of charging can damage your phone’s battery as well as your car’s battery.

Is car charger safe for IPhones?

With the innovative technology in car charging system installed in car, it is now safe for IPhones to charge via car charger as there is no voltage fluctuation and the systems are now much more reliable and stable. Moreover, the new automobiles are installing healthy batteries so that you can easily charge your phone without much damage to the phone or car.

However, you need to keep certain factors in mind if you want a car charger as safer and reliable source of energy.

Make sure that the car charger you use to charge your IPhone is Apple or MFI certified. So go for Belkin Apple exclusive MFI certified car charger 2.4 A and 12W. It successfully transmits the required 12 voltage power from the car DC port to the iOS device when plugged in. The required power supplied to the IPhone battery is detected by the internal smart chip installed in the Belkin car charger. This results in high quality, reliable and safe charging.

  1. Allow your IPhone to charge after the ignition is on. It prevents burning or over heating of your IPhone battery
  2. Use good quality car chargers if Apple or MFI certified ones are not available. They also have smart chip that give an indication that your battery is charged fully and prevents over charging.
  3. Do not leave your IPhone plugged in a hot closed car in broad daylight. The lithium ions will overheat and this reduces battery life span.
  4. Use a high amperage USB port in your car more than 1 A because if you use a low power USB you are actually allowing your iOS device to suck power from the USB port at a rate that is too fast for its capabilities. This may cause slow charging.

1A is sufficient for charging older version iPhones but iPhone 6 and its successors need car chargers that deliver 2.1 amp current.  You can purchase a good quality car charger at Gizmoist with the LED that indicates your phone’s battery power. This helps you to keep an eye on the battery power without even checking the phone.

Certain tips for car charging:

  • Avoid car battery drainage by buying car chargers that are paired ZUS technology. These chargers do not put extra load on your car’s battery and regulate the flow of current thus are highly safe for charging iPhones.
  • Do not let your IPhone charge continuously through your car chargers. This will prevent battery calibration.
  • Charge your IPhone in car faster by switching off the phone.


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