Are battery cases safe? Safety measures to take when using battery cases!

The use of battery cases is at its peak these days. Battery cases are much better alternatives to power banks and carrying extra batteries; the reason being that power banks are much more substantial than battery cases and require the usage of wires, while the choice of extra batteries is canceled out immediately as most phones these days have non-removable batteries. These battery cases range from $20 to $150, much cheaper than your mobile phones. You certainly do not want these battery cases to damage your mobile phones in any way, so the question here arises that are battery cases safe to use?

Battery Cases

Battery cases can be dangerous sometimes due to several reasons. Battery cases remain intact to mobiles all the time and keeping them turned on all the time can severely damage your mobile phone’s battery life in the long run. Battery cases function precisely like chargers; they charge the mobile when it needs power and although it is said that keeping the charger on even when it reaches 100% would not harm your mobile phone’s battery, believe me, it does. So, if you keep your battery case on all the time, it is undoubtedly affecting your mobile phone’s battery adversely.

Although the mobile phones these days are smart enough to realize when they should stop consuming more power to be protected from overcharging, sometimes that chip which detects this might stop working, and if it does, the mobile will not stop consuming power from the battery case and in worst cases, there can be a dangerous explosion or there can be a significant adverse effect on your phone’s battery. Some battery cases too have this chip installed in them to detect when should the mobile stop consuming power making them relatively safer than the ones which do not.

Overcharging can be harmful, and it needs to be prevented!

A phone case that traps the heat inside while the phone is charging is exceptionally harmful to the phone. It is often advised that people should remove these cases while they are charging their mobile phones. Now, battery cases do precisely what is recommended NOT TO DO. A battery case charges your phone, creates heat and finally blocks that heat from escaping as it is covering the entire backside of the mobile phone where the battery is. So, the trapped heat can cause an explosion or severe damage to your phone or its battery.

When you keep your battery case intact to your phone, you also charge it along with your phone instead of charging them separately. When you charge your battery case and the phone together, the charger first charges the battery case which then charges the mobile phone. It might be dangerous for the mobile’s battery as the battery is not receiving the full amount of power output from the charger because much of the electricity is wasted while it is being transferred to the battery case and then to the phone. It can also adversely affect the fast charging feature of a mobile phone. Moreover, battery cases are not even compatible with wireless charging, so you cannot enjoy the wireless charging feature of your phone with a battery case on.

Safety measures

There are problems, but there are also some safety measures which can ensure the safety of you and your phone while using battery cases

  1.    See what you are buying before buying it and consider ‘is battery case safe for use or not.’ When purchasing a third-party battery case for your iPhone, make sure it is certified made for iPhone (MFi) battery case; usually, there is a logo at the back of the box.
  2.    Charge the battery case and the phone separately
  3.    Only use a battery case when you need it, for example, while traveling, instead of keeping it intact all the time.
  4.    If you keep the battery case intact all the time, make sure it is not on until you need to charge your mobile phone
  5.    Keep away from fire
  6.    Make sure you do not overcharge your battery case, or your mobile phone through the battery case.


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